How To Prevent Acne This Summer

How To Prevent Acne This Summer | Megan Taylor

My recent blog post ‘How To Get Rid Of Acne‘ seemed to be very popular and I was asked a lot of further follow up questions which I am going to slowly blog about in more depth. Most relevant to this time of the year is how to prevent acne during the summer. During the summer months our skin is exposed to a lot more sunlight than normal which can be good and bad. We slather sun tan lotion over our face with dirty beach hands. We drink a lotta alcohol…well some of us do. Back when I had troublesome skin, my worst time of the year was September when I had spent the Summer looking after my skin in the most disastrous manner and to top it up was the stress of going back to school/uni. Many many years later I have worked out the best way to protect this September acne issue occurring.


It took me many years to work out this simple solution and just incase you haven’t clocked on I want to share it with you. I buy a separate suntan lotion for my face than the one which I use for my body. The skin on your face is a lot thinner than that on your body. When you are slathering sun tan lotion all over your body you are likely to pick up lots of dirty suspects. Why would you then use those same hands to wipe cream over your face? During the rest of the year when you are putting body lotion on your feet and your bottom you aren’t seriously going to wipe the excess over your face are you? I recommend using a higher SPF on your face and maybe spending a little bit more money on this purchase than the standard 3 for 2 at Boots each summer. My favourite is Clarins SPF30 for your face. It smells fabulous and even though it is likely to be more expensive than the SPF you buy for your body it is well worth it and also lasts a lot longer because your face is a lot smaller.


Each night after I have washed my face free of any suntan lotion I use an organic serum by Balm Balm. I use their Little Miracle serum, which I also use every morning, but at night I lay it on thick, especially after a day in the sun. The essential oil in the serum are great for helping to replenish the skin after a dehydrating sunny day. This serum has lavender in it is soothing for skin and helps to regenerate skin cells and is cooling for burns. Another of the essential oils in the serum is geranium which is great for acne as it acts as a hormonal balancer.


During the summer months you are bound to sweat or at least perspire, whether it be during exercise or just travelling on the tube. Keep your skincare routine nice and simple and just use a gentle cleanser to remove make up and grime, like this Clarins, one each evening or after exercise.


The sun is blaring and the perfect golden hour glow is making the cocktails beckon you. It’s time to celebrate the gorgeous summer evenings and why should you stop yourself? As I explained in my recent blog post, ‘How To Get Rid Of Acne‘, I know that wine doesn’t mix well with me and leaves me spotty. I also know that with a huge amount of sugary cocktails and lots of chocolate I will wake up with a few zits. This being said, I still love to indulge on cocktails but I try to stick to just one extra sweet treat during the day…it’s all about balance.

Have you got any more tips for us? Do you have any questions you would like answered next time?


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