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As a model I am constantly having my hair tugged about and the heat treatment I have endured in the last ten years is shocking. With this being an unavoidable aspect of my job I have picked up some tricks along the way on how to prevent losing all of my hair. I was lucky enough to meet Alexander Turnbull at the Revlon Blogger Debate which I talked at. It is here that I learnt about how Alex has formulated some tablets designed specifically to help hair regrowth. These tablets are designed for people that are suffering hair loss but are also great for people like me that need to give their hair that added help.

Alexander has been hairdressing for over 20 years and it still his passion. At 19 Alexander was the youngest hairdresser to win the coveted Hairdresser of The Year Award. At the age of just 21 he opened up his first salon. More recently Alexander has added a specialist hair clinic to his salon and has produced his own hair tablets LOVE HAIR with his reason being that, “hair loss can effect people in many different ways. It can cause distress and anxiety. For many women their hair is their crowning glory and I wanted to find a way to help women and men.”. Carry on reading to find out more about how Alexander’s tablets can help you and his top tips on hair care, whether you are loosing hair or not.


Do your tablets have any positive affects other than hair growth?
Our tablets have dietary supplements within them so whilst helping your hair grow they will also help improve your skin and nails. They are also great for your general well being and can help make you feel energised.

Are Love Hair tablets only for people with hair loss or can they also boost hair on people that already have a healthy head of hair?
Love hair tablets are great for anybody who wants to make the most of their hair. Your hair will hold better after a blow dry  and it will be fuller and shinier. They will make your hair the best version of itself that it can possibly be.

Will your tablets stimulate the growth of hair elsewhere as well? Is it going to make your arm hair bushy or on a positive give you eyebrows like Cara Delevigne?
No, our tablets are targeted to send nutrients to the scalp. The hair on your scalp is very different from the hairs on the rest of your body.


How often would you advise people to wash their hair?
I would say that you should wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week.

Are there any ingredients in hair products that people with thinning hair should avoid?
Avoid shampoos with lightening agents or a high PH value. I highly recommend the Revlon Style Masters range which you can view here.

Is blow drying or using hair straighteners/tongs on your hair bad?
Any heat treatment can be bad for your hair but as in all aspect of life, everything in moderation.

Is sun good or bad for your hair?
Sun can be great for your hair. The Vitamin D is a wonderful accelerant and can help with hair growth.

Is colouring your hair bad for people with signs of hair loss?
You can cause harm harm to your hair by drying your hair out with high amounts of colouring and bleaching. It depends on the amount of hair loss you may be experiencing though. Colour chemical processes are not that good for hair but again, moderation is key.

Is wearing a hat or tying your hair back tightly bad for your hair?
Hats are ok to wear but do not tie your hair back too tightly as it stresses the follicles of the hairs which can damage your hair and can lead to hair loss.



For women that have a thinning head of hair, would you recommend hair extensions or a wig?
For someone experiencing hair loss I would not recommend getting hair extensions. Wigs are a far safer option. I would of course recommend trying my tablets and head massages are also great to help stimulate hair growth. I would also recommend seeking professional help if you need it. I have a hair clinic where we can privately discuss your hair needs. For every wig we sell, £10 goes to charity.


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An Interview With Hair Guru Alexander Turnball | Megan Taylor





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An Interview With Hair Guru Alexander Turnball | Megan Taylor

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