Is An Electronic Toothbrush Really Better?

Is An Electronic Toothbrush Really Better? | Megan Taylor

Teeth are a big part of my work as a commercial model and actress. Though I must admit I first became rather “obsessed” with teeth in general because of Britney Spears…her teeth were the most perfect I had ever seen. After a year of train tracks in my teens and a further year of Invisalign in my 20s I am not quite at perfection but I do get a lot of compliments and book jobs solely because of my teeth. (If you want to know more about the Invisalign process do let me know). I take very good care of my teeth, I don’t smoke and don’t drink red wine (Make sure you read my blog post on How To Make Your Teeth Bright for more information on how to keep your teeth the best version of themselves. I have toyed between a standard toothbrush and an electric toothbrush for years. Philips recently sent me the most beautiful electric toothbrush I have ever seen so it got me to thinking, which is really best?

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Is An Electronic Toothbrush Really Better? | Megan Taylor


The most important point for a toothbrush is that it can clean your teeth. We can all clean our teeth with any toothbrush but an electric one can help tell you how long you should actually be brushing for. I love how the Philips Diamond Clean buzzes to indicate when you should move onto the next quadrant of the mouth. If you are going to stick to a normal toothbrush then I would suggest you stick a timer on your phone to see how long you actually brush your teeth for. I was very surprised to realise that I don’t brush my teeth for long enough at all. I have been recommended to brush my teeth for between 2-3 minutes which is a lot longer than I thought. Stick a timer on your phone tonight and see how long you are brushing yours for and let me know.

Is An Electronic Toothbrush Really Better? | Megan Taylor


The ease of a standard toothbrush is that you obviously don’t have to charge it. The great thing about the Philips toothbrush is that the brush holds up to three weeks charge and if you are going away for longer than that you can take the absolutely adorable pink travel case which charges the toothbrush through a USB cable which you can stick into your iPhone charger or laptop…I was pretty excited by this concept hehe.


It is recommended that we change our toothbrush every couple of months or more if the bristles are fraying. The head of an electric toothbrush tends to be circular for the reason that it can get closer into the tooth to remove more plaque. I have done a lot of research into whether I should be using a manual or electric toothbrush and a big pointer for me is that an electric will stop me from brushing my teeth too hard. I am a vicious tooth brusher but have been unaware that this isn’t helping me at all. If you brush too hard you can make your teeth sensitive by brushing away at the tooth’s surface, eek! An electric toothbrush won’t allow you to do this.

What do you use? What are your thoughts? Which do you prefer?


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  1. August 2, 2017 / 11:20 am

    That is definitely the most beautiful toothbrush i have ever seen! I’m a firm manual toothbrush gal but I am tempted – soon tempted!!

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