Where To Eat And Drink In Venice

Where To Eat And Drink In Venice | Megan Taylor

I am one of the biggest fans of Venice that you will meet. The romance, the atmosphere, the lack of cars, the water, the drinks…the experiences you can have. It is ever so wonderful and after a few successful trips I am here to tell you the best places to eat and drink from my experience. Now, I hope you don’t expect a cultured opinion of Venice here as every time I have been I have intended to people watch, amble about and broken it up with plentiful Aperol consumption. I have given this list to 5 friends now and every one of them visited each and every place I suggested and loved them all, visiting a few of them more than once on their trip.
…oh and I have also included the details of my favourite hotel that we stayed in.

(Check out my last blog post on Venice and Burano here.)


Dorsoduro, Calle Toletta, Sestiere di Dorsoduro, 30100 Venezia, Italy • +39 041 523 5768
Liam and I stumbled by this true Italian restaurant on our first Italian night and had the perfect evening. The first time we went here about 8 years ago 99% of the people in the restaurant were Italian but these days tourists have caught on and queue round the corner to get a table. The food is true home cooked Italian goodness and for a glass of Aperol at on only 4 Euros what have ou got to lose? The staff may seem rude but I promise it is just lost in translation so ignore the bluntness as they really aren’t trying to be rude. This is the restaurant where you will have a true Venetian experience at an incredibly cheap price.

 Sestiere San Marco (Calle de la Mandola) 3709, 30124 Venice, Italy • +39 041 523 4605
This is another of my favourite restaurants in Venice. The food is fabulous and the drinks are lovely. Get a table in a deep corner for the perfect romantic cosy setting at night. If you can speak a teensy bit of Italian you will get even better service. The staff here were so lovely and friendly and got us super drunk ?.


S. Marco, 4596/A, 30124 Venezia, Italy • +39 041 277 0235
We stayed at this hotel a few years ago and had a lovely time (review further down this blog). Head straight in and take the lift to the top floor for a rooftop bar. The cocktails here are fabulous but beware they are holiday strength. After only a cocktail and a half Liam and I had to stumble on back to our room. The roof is full of tall outdoor heaters and there are blankets on every seat for you to wrap up in.

S. Marco, 5546, 30124 Venezia, Italy • +39 041 528 5249 • 12pm–3am
Tacky is probably the best way to describe this gem! Tacky and Gem, probably not two words that you would expect together but honestly this is perfectly tacky and an absolute gem hehe. Liam and I have had such great times in this student style bar. The cocktails are incredibly cheap (especially so during happy hour), the food is a bit pub-esque, there are bras lining the ceiling. The atmosphere is continually buzzing and the bar is open super late. We have such good memories from this bar that we even named one of our tables at our wedding after it ?


Sestiere Cannaregio, 5984/A, 30121 Venezia, Italy • +39 041 521 1093
Here you will find true Italian style tapas/cicchetteria style nibbles. Every time we went here it was very quiet and there were no English or Americans to be seen. It isn’t that I have a thing against my own kind hehe, but if you find a spot in Venice that isn’t swarming with English people and you are actually surrounded by Italians it means that the Italians approve which is what I am after, a true Italian experience. This spot is super cosy, adorable and cheap. Head here for an afternoon Spritz and small nibble to keep you going whilst pottering around the lanes. We sat in the right hand side of the bar, nestled in the corner allowing us to people watch and be super close to the bar for an Aperol top up.

Calle Dei StagneriVenice, Italy • +39 041 522 7341
Liam and I were here at the beginning of every night for a couple of Aperol’s and free crisps or some Italian bread goodies before dinner. We would even pop back here before going back to our hotel for a night cap of Sambuca ?. Sit in one of the booths and observe the locals popping in and out chatting to the bar owner with conversational Italian and pretend that you are one of them. One night that we were here we bumped into a couple that had literally just got engaged so we celebrated with them for a little bit…so much goes on in this bar.


S. Marco, 4596/A, 30124 Venezia, Italy • +39 041 277 0235
Liam and I didn’t have the most expensive room in the hotel but it was perfect for us. It was cosy yet not too small. When I say it was cosy, I don’t mean it was too small, I found that because it was decorated in a dark Venetian style it felt cosy and had a wintery vibe. Our room was on the top floor and looked out over the streets and a local duomo. The rooftop bar made this bar the perfect spot to see the sights from high up. The location of this hotel is perfectly central and walkable distance to all of the sights you will want to visit.


Famous for its glass. Very sleepy town and quite frankly a little bit dull and could be walked around in half an hour. Beautiful Christmas decorations in the glass shops.

Adorable pastel coloured houses and super buzzy down the main street. If you are picking to do either Burano or Murano…100% go to Burano. If you fancy seeing what Burano looks like…how about watching my cheesy YouTube video here…oh, and don’t forget to subscribe xx

Have you been to Venice? Where are your favourite spots?

Where To Eat And Drink In Venice | Megan Taylor 



  1. August 8, 2017 / 3:55 pm

    Take me to Venice immediately. Such an inspiring blog!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. August 8, 2017 / 3:14 pm

    Love, love, love Venice – AND Burano 🙂 Thank you for reminding me – must go back and try out all those fab sounding restaurants! x

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