Has anyone had trouble sleeping recently? I’m not sure if it was the full moon, the summer of sticky weather or the fact I am constantly thinking about all of the exciting things that seem to be happening everyday but I have had a bit of trouble sleeping lately. Whatever it has been, I knew I needed to work on getting my essential beauty sleep because I was getting a bit tetchy and started feeling a bit run down. I have worked really hard on getting better sleep and actually falling asleep in the first place and I think these 5 sleeping aids will help everyone.


Growing up with a mummy that Vogue have been quoted as naming her an “aromatherapy guru” means I have have spent my whole life smelling somewhat like a flower. Spots = tea tree , blocked nose = eucalyptus , cuts = lavender. Lavender is also wonderful for helping to sooth us and aid us to slumber. I literally don’t think a home is a home without a bottle of lavender essential oil. If you don’t have a bottle, get yourself one stat! Sprinkle up to 10 drops of lavender into your nighttime bath and sprinkle a few drops on your hot radiators around your house to help the scent travel around.


I hate myself for putting a product on here that isn’t actually available yet, but it will be next month. I have been loving this pillow spray by Ren. I have sprayed it on my pillow and in the general area of my bed each night since I went to the launch last month and I have been loving it. Whenever you visit Charlotte Street Hotel or Soho Hotel you are given a pillow spray and I love it. The whole feeling of using a pillow spray is so luxurious. I love the way that it makes your sleepy environment become calm and relaxing and gets rid of any smells from the day or from your cooked dinner having whiffed its way upstairs earlier that evening. (** UPDATE: Now available here xx).


Valerian is a herbal medicine but really works very strongly. I have dabbled in taking valerian on and off because I personally find it a little bit too strong for me, I wish there was a half dose option. If you are feeling any anxiety these tablets will work wonders for you and they are the perfect safe and natural option of a sleeping tablet. I always find that these tablets send me into a deep sleep very quickly but when I say a deep sleep, I really mean a deeeeep sleep. I’m not someone that dreams every night but when I take valerian I always dream and they’re more often than not bad dreams.
I am fully aware that in the last paragraph I sound pretty delicate but I just want to warn you of my experience. …oh and the tablets themselves smell like damp cloth!! Yet, after my rather negative experience I still use them when I am having droughts of not sleeping. Also, Liam takes them and has nothing but positivity to say about his experience with them. These are the exact ones Liam and I take.


My mum introduced me to Headspace many years ago and she is an avid user of it. Headspace is an app full of guided meditations starting from 2 minute sessions. I love how it is so simple to use that anyone can do it. It has guided meditations for sleeping, happiness, focus, refresh and many more. The tips for sleeping are quite similar to some exercises I have done in yoga, such as slowly releasing each section of your body working from your feet up to your head. There are some free options you can try out to see if you like it or not. Download Headspace here.


To some people a sleeping eye mask seems ridiculous, to others it is absolute perfection. What I say to those who thinks it is ridiculous is to try sleeping with a street lamp outside their bedroom window…ugh, nightmare. As someone who doesn’t drop off to sleep very easily an eye mask is a simple priceless present to myself. The bright pink one below has lavender within it which is amazing but has unfortunately lost most of its elastic in the headband. I love that the pretty ballet pink eye mask has an adjustable strap much like a bra strap. The baby pink eye mask is sold on Amazon but the bright pink one was a present from my mum many years ago so I’m not sure where that is from unfortunately.


I hope some of my top tips can help you. What do you do to help yourself get a good nights sleep?



    • Megan
      October 18, 2017 / 2:46 pm

      Thank you so much, I hope you are sleeping well xxxx

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