Everyone and their aunt seems to have a blog at the moment. Wherever you are in your blogging “journey” you are sure to have experienced or witnessed a fair few of these things I have listed. None of these are meant in a malicious way, I am certainly guilty of 99% of these 😛


1. Bought a copy of Blogosphere magazine

2. Bought flowers simply for a flatlay or for the background of your YouTube video

3. Bought fairy lights for your YouTube background

4. Bought an LED alphabet light for your YouTube background

5. Bought a Starbucks coffee only for the Instagram photo

6. Bought an Olympus Pen camera

7. Bought a huge load of clothes, photographed them and sent them back

8. Bought a Cannon G7X-Mark2 for those vlogs you’ve filmed only a handful of times

9. Bought fancy filming lights and ring lights to only discover natural light is way better

10. …but then realising you’re in England so you obvs need those lights

11. Bought a f1.8 lens to finally get that blurred background in your photos


12. Downloaded the FaceTune app

13. Downloaded VSCO

14. Downloaded the followers app

15. Downloaded a PipDig template

16. Downloaded Takumi

17. Filmed a vlog but never uploaded it because you realise how awful it is

18. Filmed a video of your natural make up routine

19. Filmed a “blogger mail” haul on Instagram Stories

40 THINGS EVERY BLOGGER HAS DONE | Megan Taylor{Hubby @elevatesport and I at an event trying to be the older Zalfie • Photo credit: Elouisa Georgiou}


20. Watched the clouds intensely waiting to take that perfect shot

21. Talked about Golden Hour to people who simply don’t care

22. Done a collaboration with Daniel Wellington watches (oh yes, and by the way I have a 15% discount code ‘itsmegantaylor’ which you can use until the 15th October xx)

23. Taken part in a Twitter blogger chat

24. Gone to an event simply for the goodie bag

25. Gifted unwanted goodie bag treats as presents for your friends

26. Had a serious case of FOMO when your friends were invited to the swankiest of events and you weren’t

27. Made your friends eat cold food because you spent 10 minutes trying to get the perfect food shot

28. Described yourself as a “micro-Influencer”

29. Stopped using Snapchat the second Instagram Stories was announced

30. Asked your Instagram followers to “swipe up” but forgot to include the link

31. Written “link in bio”


32. Got super excited when you got paid your first £7 from Skimlinks or even more excited when Shop Style Collective paid you your first £100!

33. Applied and failed to be accepted to Reward Style…or possibly not even heard back.

34. Been super frustrated that most of your wardrobe is from Zara but they don’t have an affiliate scheme

35. Applied and failed to be accepted into #TeamGleam

36. Blamed your Instagram engagement on the Shadow Ban

37. Started an Instagram theme but then realised you don’t have time for that

38. Dreamed of being the next Zoella so you can afford her dreamy home

39. Wondered how you to can afford a Chanel, Mulberry and Gucci like the big fashion bloggers

40. Wondered how little food you can live on so that you can afford the Gucci Soho Disco “blogger” bag

How many are you guilty of? 😉



  1. October 12, 2017 / 2:27 pm

    Hahahahaha! I’m not even a blogger and I’ve done a fair few of those!!! Well maybe I am a tiny bit of a blogger but I get you to do the real stuff for me so that makes me guilty of a lot more of those things I guess eeeeek! Does it count that I bought the bloggers mag for you ?

    • October 18, 2017 / 2:50 pm

      hehe, I am sure most people are guilty of the Instagram ones 🙂
      Yes, definitely thanks to you that I spend a small fortune of Blogosphere xx

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