Imagine the Hollywood stars in the Golden Age and what their make up kit looked like…I am pretty sure it resembled this make up range by Joan Collins. I had no idea Joan Collins had her own beauty line. I was at an event recently and there was a girl wearing this incredible pink fuscia lipstick and I immediately said, errr…I need that in my life, where is it from? Turns out it was this lipstick from Joan Collins called Fontaine.  I’m not sure it looks as good on me as it did her, but I love it all the same. In fact I am in love with this whole collection so keep on reading to find out more.


These lipsticks are made exactly how I like them. The formulation does not dry out my lips. I hate it when a lipstick dries your lips out, especially in the winter. I am also in love with the scent, they smell exactly the same as my nanny’s make up did that I would play around with when I was little. My absolute favourite shade is Marilyn as it is the perfect everyday shade. It is a pinky nude. I’m so sorry I didn’t photograph it, but it was looking a little “used” and was living in my handbag. Check out the shade here, it is the first one on the list. LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤.

MAKE UP FROM THE GOLDEN AGE | MEGAN TAYLOR(Pink lipstick: Fontaine • Red lipstick: Crystal)


How insanely glamorous are these nail varnishes, wow! These are the perfect nail varnishes to be placed upon your dressing table for everyone to see. My absolute favourite is the white glittery one called Pearl which reminds me of unicorns and fairies, It may well be my most favourite nail varnish I have ever owned, the sparkle is unreal. This colour is quite hard to find though but I have found it on Amazon where there are a few left. The red nail varnish called Crystal reminds me of a glamorous Hollywood movie star. Again this colour seems super popular as well, there is only 1 left on Amazon!? My Christmas nails are going to be permanently the red Crystal with the sparkly Pearl on top…perfect festive nail look.


Oh, how I adore a palette. Palettes are amazing for travelling because you can take a whole stash of colours in one compact box. I am particularly in love with the smoky brown colours in the eye shadow palette which you can just about see in the back of the picture below. I have been using all four colours within the palette which is amazing because most palettes have a few funky rather dodgy colours. The four colours make up the perfect party smoky eye look. I have been using the lightest colour as my base eye colour, then the light brown in the crease of my eye, the dark brown along the eyeliner line and then the glittery gold in the inner corners of my eyes…perfection.


Did you know Joan Collins had a beauty line? Which product is your favourite?



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      Sooo pretty aren’t they 🙂 x

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