Cleansing brushes have been huge in the beauty world for a few years now and the buzz that has surrounded them has been hard to miss. To say I have been intrigued is an understatement. I have finally got my hands on a top notch cleansing brush that has other fancy attachments adding to the allure. As many of my long term readers know, I suffered with acne a few years ago and now that I am out the other side mostly spotless (minus a teensy bit of scarring which is luckily very hard to see) I am always a little apprehensive to change up my simple skincare routine. Lately I have been worrying that I may not be removing all of the dirt that London throws at my face each day.
You may have seen I reviewed the Philips DiamondClean DeepClean and the Philips at-home hair removal machine, the Philips Lumea Prestige, a while back and I really enjoyed them. I love the fact you are making a great saving in the comfort of your own home. This got me thinking that I would love to review some more gadgets as you all seemed to love the Lumea so much. I have done some extensive research on electric cleansing brushes in general and time and time again I have read that dermatologists are recommending we use one. It is said that electric cleansing brushes can remove 10x more dirt from your face than using your hands. This particular product that I have been testing is the Philips VisaPure Advanced. What drew me to this one was that it actually has three tools in one, helping you cleanse, massage and freshen up under your eyes (hint, before you read my review this attachment was my favourite) making it a 3-in-1 full facial experience.


The facial cleansing brush is a really lovely experience. I have always slathered on my cleanser and immediately washed it off, even though my cleanser says to leave it on for a few minutes. This cleansing attachment actually makes me cleanse and clean my skin properly. The device pulses and rotates helping to break down any dirt and greasy make up residue. When using the cleansing brush attachment, the machine pulsates for 20 seconds, then stops for a second and continues, repeating three times. I use these three separate sessions for each of my cheeks and my forehead. For those with more sensitive skin, there are two settings of power so you can always use the lighter power setting if you are at all sensitive or ticklish. The Philips Visa Pure Advanced is waterproof and wireless so you can use it in the shower if that’s where you wash your face.


This attachment is really lovely and feels like you have actually been to a salon after one use. It reaches deep layers of your skin helping  to relax your muscles and is inspired by Japanese massage techniques. It leaves your skin feeling tingly in a really good way, like a revitalising massage. Be super careful not to have your hair down in the way of your massage during this phase…I did indeed tangle my hair in the attachment…not sure anyone else other than me would do this though hehe.


As I mentioned a little earlier, this attachment is my absolute favourite, it is so unusual and not something I have come across before. I often feel like I am working 24/7 with my blogging, modelling and acting life and feel that my eyes really need a boost in the morning. This nifty little attachment is a pinky coloured dome which also gently pulsates. Gently rub it along your under eye skin and you will feel so much fresher. My top tip is to leave the attachment in your fridge or in a cold room for an hour before you use it for extra kerpow.


I have done some research on salons which provide facials in London and worked out that they will set you back on average around £100-160 per treatment. The Philips Visa Pure Advanced is approximately £199 however there is an amazing offer available until the 18th December saving you £50 by using my code MEGAN150 on the Philips website here. This means you are going to make your money back in under two at home facial treatments which is pretty amazing. Even though a salon experience can be nice, I personally would always rather be treating myself in the comfort of my own home on more regular occasions. Also, I am so busy at the moment and simply don’t have time to head to a salon. I love creating an at-home salon vibe by filling my bathroom with lit candles, playing some relaxing music, running a steamy hot bubble bath and I have now begun to include a facial with the Philips VisaPure Advanced…absolute luxury. There is also a mini Philips facial cleansing brush, the Philips VisaPure Mini, which would be amazing if you are travelling and on the go a lot. Check out my picture at the bottom of the page to see its adorable compact look which would be great for Santa to pop in your stocking ;). If you want to find out more about the product and get some more special offers, be sure to head on down to #PhilipsVisaPure pop up show at Westfield White City between 1st-3rd December (just outside Boots) where there is a GIF photo booth…always a draw for me to go anywhere, don’t you love Gif and photo booth machines at the moment?

Have you ever tried an at home facial cleansing gadget? Make sure you let me know your thoughts on at home facials.


This is a paid for collaboration between Phillips and myself. As always, all thought and opinions are truthfully my own.


  1. Glenda
    November 29, 2017 / 9:28 pm

    This sounds amazing ???

    • Megan
      November 30, 2017 / 9:14 pm

      Oh it really is 🙂

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