The party season is well under way and like me I am sure many of you are rushed off your feet. I am personally feeling like I am falling behind on everything at the moment and barely have time to paint my face even though I know it makes me feel a whole lot better. This make up look is my current easy festive party make up look which has a safe amount of sparkle to make you feel twinkly but not too OTT. The make up look I am talking about is shown at the bottom of this post.


I am really enjoying my La Mer Foundation which I reviewed in more depth a couple of weeks ago along with this concealer concealer. My base was quite natural, I just dollop a few blobs of foundation on my forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, along with my concealer under my eyes and buff them together into my skin. The La Mer foundation is lovely and light so it gives you a natural dewy glow. I then added this divine totally affordable highlighter to my cheek bones. I use a large brush and swiped it over the three pale colours. They really glisten.

EASY FESTIVE PARTY MAKE UP LOOK | Megan Taylor(Sleek Palette)


My go-to mascara right now is this one by Eyeko, I find it really separates my lashes from each and lengthens them in a lovely butterfly lash style. Apart from using my standard Rimmel black eyeliner I enhance the intensity of my kohl lined eyes with this super fine liquid liner from Eyeko by literally dabbing the brush sideways along the line. Rather than swiping the brush across which can often cause a mistake which you don’t want if you have used your eyeshadow already, I like to dab it on gradually and slowly, line by line.
For my lips I used this lipstick by Joan Collins (Marilyn) which is my absolute favourite at the moment. The amazing thing about this lipstick is that it is basically an enhancement of my own lip colour. (You must check out my review of the whole Joan Collins make up range here). Also, because the lipstick isn’t too dark you can reapply without a mirror.

(Sleek Highlighter Palette)


I used this palette for the main eye shadow base and contouring but used this copper coloured liquid liner on top of my black liquid liner. I used the natural colour in the top right of the palette as eyeshadow base. Then used the top two middle colours to contour my eyes working from dark to lighter in the crease. I then used the very dark colour in the bottom right with a skinny shadow brush along the on top of my liquid liner to make it look less strict and buff it in a little. I then took it a step further and used a very small amount of my copper coloured liquid liner on top of this by just dabbing a little along the black liquid liner and smudging it up towards the crease. This meant I kept my eyeshadow make up look I had created but added a shimmer to the top of it all.

How many parties have you got left?


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