Hands up if your January New Year New Me plans are still going strong? No worries if they aren’t quite as easy to keep as you had thought. I am here with 4 easy ways to detox your outside…next week I will be back with some easy ways to detox your insides. Back to this week though…chocolate features and it’s good for you! Detoxing is a bit of a faffy word (although so is faffy hehe). Detoxing can basically be a load of tosh but every little helps, right?


This detoxifying mask is much softer on your skin than a normal face mask. The clay like texture is wetter than most and feels a lot more suitable for a delicate skin. Even though it’s gentle on your skin, it still draws out the impurities hiding in your skin. It leaves you feeling hydrated rather than dry and stark like most face masks. The green tea extract and vitamin-e work as antioxidants. Oh, and my favourite bit is the fact that the scent is strong in marzipan…I wish I could eat it.


You may have read my earlier blog post on why I adore serums, well, here is another that I am currently enjoying. The biggest draw to this product for me is that it has Vitamin A in the form of rose hip seed oil which as I have mentioned before is an oil that I used to help get rid of my acne scarring. The fact this face oil has Omega 3 is great for promoting cell renewal and most importantly in this tiresome month it can help us to increase the firmness of our skin. This product is almost scentless but with a hit of a grainy scent…if that makes sense? This petite plastic lightweight bottle is the perfect travel buddy.


This Goldfaden MD cleanser cleanses your skin whilst also getting rid of dead skin cells which we are definitely all experiencing after Christmas in this cold, windy atmosphere. The inclusion of wheat protein claims to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles…if this is true, that’s pretty cool! There are no synthetic ingredients in this product and the grapefruit extract makes the product smell pretty lush, but it is only faintly scented, not at all overpowering.


So…I’m guessing you didn’t expect to see chocolate on this list!? Well, this chocolate actually claims to be great for you. Imagine a hotel pillow chocolate that is actually doing you some good and this is it. It actually says you should only have 1 piece a day, so you are guaranteed to not go to wacko crazy on the chocolate intake and at 38 calories you aren’t doing yourself any harm. Biggest point to add is that they taste super yummy and not like a medicine of any sorts. There are so many nitty gritty details to why it is so wonderful for you, have a read here.

Which detoxing idea do you like best?



  1. Liam Grimley
    January 20, 2018 / 2:28 pm

    Loved this blog, as always. Especially the medicinal chocolate 😛

    • January 31, 2018 / 3:27 pm

      Hehe thank you. How wonderful to eat a chocolate so happily 🙂

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