Hands up if you have dry, brittle, flaking or very short nails? Everyone I talk to seems to have woes about their nails. That is everyone except my husband! Liam’s nails grow at an alarming rate and I’m super jealous. About five years ago I had dreadful acne and was worried about my modelling and acting career. I was too self conscious and nervous to go to auditions so my amazing model agent started me off as a hand model…see, anyone can be a model hehe. The only downside to this is that I became a bit obsessed with my hands and used it as an excuse to stop washing up 🙂 . I was also very aware of times that my nails were braking or were very short. A few years later I have worked out which special tricks work for me. Everyone is different but this has also worked for a few people that I have recommend this to.


Moisturise moisturise moisturise. This is the key and Balm Balm is the one. I regularly rave about Balm Balm because of its organic and natural vibe. It is incredibly pure with only 5 ingredients, all of which you will have heard of, no nasties. Something within it makes my nails sprout and I love it! It is a multi purpose balm but I most often slather it over my hands, nails and massage it into my cuticle every night before I go to sleep. I also keep a pot in my bag for auditions. If my hands are looking a little dry or I have some fly away bits of skin around my nails this balm conceals them and makes my hands look as if I have been for a manicure…literally couldn’t be without it.


I am not one to pop the pills…but this tablet is the exception. The silica tablets I take have 200mg of natural silica along with Zinc, Biotin and Vitamin C. After a little research about silica I have come to realise why it works so well. Silica is present in almost every tissue in our body and is essential for cell growth, but only a trace is found within our bodies. It is said to have an important roll in the synthesis of bone and cartilage collagen. All sounds a little scientific, but trust me, I take one tablet a day and my nails are in great condition.

I know this a bit of a shorter blog than normal but I wanted to let you know of my secret to healthy nails ready for hand modelling jobs. I hope these products can help you too. What do you currently do to help your nails?

Feature Image: My hand for Rankin, Hunger magazine.

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