Pollution is an invisible problem that we are experiencing everyday. After just five days into 2017 London broke its air pollution limits. Not only is pollution sadly doing damage to our environment but it is also not great for our skin. Along with stress and alcohol, pollution has been known to be a huge contributing factor in ageing our skin. Pollution can speed up the embedding of wrinkles and the signs of age spots. I have been researching the link between pollution and ageing skin for a while now and after reading just a few of these articles I have come to conclusion that we should take the link a little bit more seriously and start taking action in any way we can, even if that may simply be to buy a new cleanser that can help unclog your skin from the nasty free radicals.

Free radicals can come from pollution, smoke, smog and the sun and can cause weakened skin, sagging, discolouration and with the weakened collagen means wrinkles can begin to appear. To prevent these nasty free radicals we can boost our intake of some vitamins but there are also topical products which I have tested that can also help.

Having reviewed and tested all of the products I have split them into the ‘PREVENTION’ products and the ‘CURING’ products. I think for best results you should pick one of the prevention and one of the curing products. Yet if you are tight for cash or not living in a area of high pollution just one of the ‘cure’ products would rather effortlessly help keep your skin healthy and fight any signs of ageing from pollution.



Ren have produced a spray which instantly protects your face from pollution and I love how easy to use this product is. You can spray it over your make up and it won’t smudge it, in fact it almost acts as a make up protector as well. The fact that the spray is protecting you from pollution means that it can help strengthen your skin and prevent ageing. What I have particularly loved about using the Ren spray is that I can chuck it in my handbag and spray on the go. My top tip would be to put it in your fridge in the summer months as an amazing morning face spritz pick-me-up.


I have been trying out this Caudalie product for a while, massaging it deeply into my face morning and night and find that it feels like any other cream and not at all chemical. It is easy to use and lasts a really long time as the applicator is very small. This cream claims to block free radicals which after researching free radicals I can strongly suggest that we all need a product that does this to prevent us from these nasties.


This cream felt like the most luxurious product out of the five I tested as it felt rich and the scent was lovely. I loved the scent as it reminded me of an upmarket sun cream. Use this cream in the morning, especially in the sunnier months as it has the power of SPF 30, which in turn helps prevent ageing. Christian Breton has a whole range of products in his anti ageing line which reduce the signs of ageing through sun and pollution.



This Clarins cleanser feels delicate on the skin but works well at taking your make off. It claims to restore your skin to its natural purity and remove the harmful effects of pollution. I already use a Clarins cleanser which I adore to remove my make up each day but I think I am going to contemplate buying a full sized bottle of this cleanser as I found this the easiest way to rid my skin of the nasties.


This product is different from all the others and is advised to be used just once a week, which is handy because it is the most time consuming of the collection of products. Dark face masks are definitely having their moment on social media right now and I am excited to get in on the action without using one of the painful to peel off masks. This mask is a clay which you smother all over your face and it feels cool and refreshing. I feel that this product works on a  much deeper and more thorough level than the other products I have tried. Bobbi Brown claims this mask removes impurities, fighting against the harmful effects of pollution.


Have you ever used any of these products? Do you feel your face is getting attacked by the pollution?



    • Megan
      January 31, 2018 / 3:28 pm

      They really are all fabulous 🙂 xx

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