At the end of last year I wrote a blog on autumn/winter activewear fashion and the feedback through Instagram was that you were loving it and the click throughs were super positive. Therefore, I thought I would pop back with some more activewear for you but this time a lot more affordable and a bit more jazzy. I feel that if you want to feel inspired to workout then you need to feel great whilst doing so, therefore you need to love what you are wearing. Here are my current favourite garments to help you jazz up your fitness gear.


Welcome to your new yoga gear. The Patternity brand have teamed up with John Lewis to create a range based on mindful living, if that doesn’t scream yoga then I don’t know what does. The collection doesn’t stop at activewear though, there are loads of home goodies too, including cushions and towels. At such a reasonable price you wouldn’t expect the clothes to be as lush as they are. The garments are super soft and have a great elasticity to them that sucks you in, in a comfortable way. My absolute favourite items from the collection are the pieces I am rather gleefully modelling for you below. The white swing jumper is fleece lined and is the perfect temperature for your yoga warm up. The leggings are a very pale mint green with black block print. I thought the print of the leggings would be a little too crazy for me, but I am running with the look and getting tons of compliments along the way…perfect.


Oasis have recently branched out into producing a whole line of activewear. If you click on through to here you may well spy yours truly 😉 . I tried out this collection over the Christmas period and ran mountains in it. The collection is very feminine filled with very lady like floral prints. My absolute favourite item is the jumper you can see me clambering about in below. Fleece lined, it is super soft and perfect for cosy-ing up in before and after your run. The leggings that I am wearing have the print only on the side of the leg, you can also get a more obvious pair with the print taking up most of the leg. I prefer the subtlety of my pair. Oasis have also made a super cute hoodie and pair of shorts which you can see me in below. I think this little combo would be the perfect at home yoga outfit. I can actually picture myself waking up in my beach front home (*dreaming obviously…), drinking a freshly chilled glass of water and do my morning stretches in the shorts and hoodie on my balcony overlooking the ocean. Hmmm…..


Which is your favourite look? Are you brave enough to wear these more jazzy outfits?



  1. January 29, 2018 / 3:07 pm

    I really love the look of all of these. It’s great to see some different styles. Looking forward to coming out from beneath my waterproofs at Bootcamp!!

    • January 31, 2018 / 3:28 pm

      Thank you, I love them all too and they are all comfortable! Ooo maybe save your old kit for bootcamp classes 🙂

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