Wahoo…it’s almost that time of year again when we get to celebrate our mummy’s in this world. Whether you have a mummy, granny of a special woman in your life, why not treat them this Mother’s Day and show them how much they mean to you…through the gift of material belongings hehe…everyone loves a treat however small or large. I have compiled my current favourites for a Mother’s Day gift guide with a sophisticated feminine vibe.


Rose is in! These two products are rosy and so is the top note of the LK Bennett perfume below. I personally LOVE it. It makes my mind think of pinks, reds, love and romance. Whereas I know a few of my friends immediately think of granny’s. Whichever way your scent tastebuds lie, you need to know that rose essential oil is gold dust and costs a fortune so can often be a very minute part of the ingredients list in a product. Yet, brands can 100% get by on this as the scent is pungent and magical. This Ren Rose Otto bath oil is luxury beyond your wildest dreams. Rose Otto is the real deal, it is an actual Essential Oil from the flower, “neat” stuff. This bottle alone has 10,000 rose petals in it! You have to smell it to understand the power of it. This bottle will last you a very long time, you only need a capful in your bath to fill your room with a fragrance so romantic and relaxing that you will be drifting off to bed on a cloud. Wowey, I really went off on one there didn’t I hehe…I really like this product 😉
This Sanoflore “baume” is gel meets cream in its consistency. This product is filmed with rose essential oil and natural hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid isn’t as scary as it sounds, it is actually incredibly hydrating and moisture binding. This product comes in a lovely pink box with a gold lid on the pot giving an all over luxurious present feel. It’s even on sale here.

Sanoflore Rose BaumeRen Bath oil


I find that I often buy my husband watches but why not buy watches for women? I love the concept of owning more watches and as I write this, I am going to start adding some to my collection…shame I got this one engraved for my mum hehe. I have fallen in love with this black and gold watch by Elie Beaumont which I got from Personally Presented and had engraved as part of the package. It arrived incredibly quick and was packaged beautifully in a gift box and a leather wrapped pouch. I was really surprised at the cost, it is really affordable but looks so much more expensive than it is.

Elle Beaumont Personalised watch


If you know how much I love my make up then you will already know how much I love these two brands, Joan Collins Beauty and Too Faced. They both do make up really well, they are affordable and best of all they are always packaged beautifully. I have picked these two products in particular because they are in line with the other pinky gold products I have hand selected. Neither of these products are making their way to my mum because I have already used and loved them hehe. The Joan Collins lipstick is in the colour Fontaine and is more tame than it looks yet is striking all the same. I am actually wearing it in Mondays blog post on my love for pastel blue clothing right now. I feel this colour makes me look a little bit tanned and give a no-make up look a pop of colour. Where do I start with this Too Faced palette? It is incased in gold, the clasp is made of two peaches and the magnetic closure is rather satisfying. I talked about their chocolate palette in my Christmas Gift Guide and I saw a lot of people clicked through to inspect it further. That palette smelt like a chocolate bar and this Peachy Palette unsurprisingly smells like peaches. When I opened it Coco (my dog) was even loving it. Too Faced eyeshadows are really heavily pigmented, so you don’t need much to get a good coverage and as a result lasts a really long time. This palette alone would be an amazing gift, that if I were a mummy would personally be over the moon with.

Joan Collins Lipstick In Fontaine • Too Faced Peach Palette


Perfumes can be tricky to buy because everyone has such strong opinions of their own about what is nice or not. If you know that someone has a signature perfume already then an amazing present to buy them is the Twist & Spritz refillable perfume spray bottle, which you can see below in the rose gold bottle. It is so easy to decant your own perfume into this bottle. What an amazing affordable gift idea. If your mum travels or even just goes off to work she can carry this lightweight bottle in her bag with her favourite perfume in to spritz to her hearts desire. If your mother figure in your life is elegant and feminine this new LK Bennett perfume is the one. The top notes are rose and rhubarb which I feel are womanly and sweet. The bottle is the perfect accompaniment to any dressing table, I especially love the heavy weighted gold lid. The bevelled glass bottle is reminiscent of a perfume bottle you would buy in an antique shop.

Twist & Spritz Dispenser • L.K. Bennett Perfume

I feel like these two perfumes from Accessorize and Monsoon are a little younger and more girly in their scent than the LK Bennett perfume. Look at the lid of the Accessorize perfume, the most adorable addition to a perfume bottle that I have ever seen. This scent actually reminds me of Britney Spears’ first perfume…yes I definitely did own a few bottles of that when I was younger 🙂 The Monsoon Rose Gold perfume is right on trend with its decor and comes packaged in a gorgeous white box with rose gold accents. The scent is of a sweet vanilla rose and lemon.

Accessorize PerfumeMonsoon Rose Gold Perfume


I feel like Yardley have been in my peripheral for my entire life. It is one of those brands that have always been around but never been too in your face. I feel that they are a fabulous gifting brand for a woman that you admire. I have actually gifted my nan Yardley hand creams on many occasions. I have also included here some adorable gift options from Woods Of Windsor. I have only recently come to know about this brand but they are such an amazing company for affordable gifting! These gift sets are packaged insanely beautifully with pretty Spring scenery.

Yardley Scent SetYardley Hand SetWoods Of Windsor Bath And Body SetWoods Of Windsor Bath And Shower Set

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? Which is your favourite item?



  1. February 28, 2018 / 2:22 pm

    Oh wow! I am SO excited to receive my Mother’s Day Gift – I am the luckiest Mummy in the world :)))))
    Beautiful pictures as always – well done xxxxx

    P.S. I do feel a little guilty though as I think you like that watch as much as I do!

    • Megan
      February 28, 2018 / 7:44 pm

      Yay, I’m so pleased you like my gift guide. You are worth treating to all of it 🙂 …oh, except a couple of things which I have already started using haha xx

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