I recently went away to my parents house in South Wales. We were only heading there from Friday lunchtime until Sunday lunchtime. Yet, in this small space of time we had planned a run, an afternoon tea, cocktails and lounging about in front of the fire if at all possible. I recently bought a new make up bag from Oliver Bonas which deserved to be photographed, so I thought I would show you my ever so “slightly” reduced make up collection which I took with me.


So, as always, I use a serum rather than a moisturiser. If you want to know the exact reasons why I recommend this then check out my recent blog post on serums and face oils, but briefly… It’s great for your skin and makes make up application a dream. I use this one by Angelico for oily skin. It smells divine and works wonders on my skin.
For my foundation I use a mixture of Rimmel’s Wake Me Up and La Mer. The La Mer is nice and light, whilst the Rimmel foundation is a little thicker and has a better coverage. For concealer which is necessary for my dark Italian under eyes I use this palette by NYX because it has a nice mix of colours to blend in whatever the time of year and have recently started using this liquid concealer by Nude which is quite thick but blends well.


As you may have read recently in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide, I am in love with this Too Faced Peach Palette…no, it didn’t make its way to my mum, I love it too much hehe. This palette is full of the perfect pinky nude tones for Spring and is nice and compact to travel with. For my eyeliner I have always, ever since I can remember, loved Rimmel’s Kohl liner in Jet Black. In the last few years the Eyeko thin liquid liner has been an absolute staple. It is only with this liner that I can perfect a steady cat flick. For my mascara, again it has to be Eyeko…I adore their mascara formulation and their brushes always give you the perfect separated long lash look that I am after. Last but not least, I use Eyeko’s eye lash curler. As you can see, it is well used and the nice velvet handles are starting to come apart 🙁


I didn’t bring any contouring goodies on my trip as I only really do that if I am going to a big event. Yet, I alllllllways wear blusher. As you can see, I really should give up on this blusher as it is kind of invisible now, but I loved it ever so much. This was a blusher from Trifle and had three colours in which I used daily as one colour by swiping my brush across all of the three. For brushes, I took a lip brush which I actually use for my concealer palette as it has great accuracy, for foundation my Real Techniques blending brush and for my cheeks my Models Own brush. All of these brushes are in my Make Up Brushes blog post which I wrote a couple of months back. For my lips I took my two staples of Clarins Joli Rouge and Joan Collins. Both of these colours give only a little hint of colour and therefore I find that you can apply it without needing a mirror.

Do you use any of these products? Goodness me, that was actually quite a lot of make up hehe.
Although…I used it all.


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