Easter is imminent and I am due to eat my weight in chocolate…twice! I gave up sugary chocolate for lent and it has been tricky. Too Faced have a whole collection dedicated to the sweet goodness and I ADORE IT. I blogged about the Chocolate Chip palette back in December in my Christmas Gift Ideas under £25 and you all told me how much you too adored the palette. Well, I am back with an even bigger eye shadow palette, a bronzer and even some lip glosses which actually has cocoa in the formulation!!!! Read on ahead to find out more but be careful, Too Faced eye shadow palettes are addictive.
Side note: this is not an ad for Too Faced, I just freaking adore the stuff x


Let’s start with my most favourite products. These two palettes have a cross over of some of their colours. Both of the palettes have my most used colours such as the White Chocolate colour which I use as my base shadow colour pretty much everyday. The bigger palette is named the Chocolate Bar and has all the shades that the Chocolate Chip palette has but also has a lot of the more glitzy shades which I adore, especially the colour Creme Brule. The Chocolate Chip Palette is a great day palette and absolute make up kit staple. It is also a lot more compact than the Chocolate Bar so I tend to take it away with me whenever I travel. Next on my shopping list is going to be the White Chocolate Chip palette…ever so dreamy and girly.


I recently tried out a bronzer from a brand I shall not mention (I have never blogged about them before) which literally didn’t transfer any colour, none whatsoever. I haven’t got super pale skin but I am definitely pale enough to see a transference of colour, I couldn’t quite believe it…very peculiar. This chocolate scented bronzer is wonderful and has a great pigmentation even though the bronzer I have is the lightest. I have Milk Chocolate but there is chocolate and dark chocolate as well, check out the difference here. The reason I truly love this bronzer, other than its adorable packaging is that there isn’t any glitter in it. So many bronzers have a glitter to them which when on holiday in the evenings can be lovely but on a normal work day I really don’t want to be glittery…although that is actually quite a nice idea hehe.


So…these lip glosses come with an applicator that I had never used before. It is a velvet brush like sponge and it feels lush on your lips. The colours I have here from the Melted Chocolate range are Chocolate Cherries (the darker one) and Chocolate Milkshake (the lighter one) but there are over 20 more shades. The lip glosses are basically a melted lipstick which applies really smoothly. The difference from a normal gloss is that these are made with actual cocoa powder making them smell exactly like melted chocolate.

Have you tried Too Faced chocolate range? Which are you most enticed by?


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