As you may have seen, I recently blogged about my prediction for a pastel Spring 2018 in the fashion world. Well,
it seems to be developing and I am seeing pastels everywhere. It has even been prevalent on the nails. I have got my hand on my favourite pastel nail varnishes around at the moment. I have some easy to wear colours and some more fun colours which may be easier to wear on your toes than on your fingers.


Easter is a time for munching on mini eggs and I have been sporting the theme on my nails. When I was younger I was a huge fan of a nail brand called Spectacular. I’m not even sure if it exists anymore. It was the first brand of nail varnishes I ever owned and I owned the lot! Literally every single colour they sold, they had such cool names and I was really drawn to the pastel colours. Because I owned all of the colours I would often wear a different colour on each of my nails…I know, I know…not exactly tasteful. Yet, I was trying out all of these colours from iZ and actually loved what I had achieved and decided I looked like I had mini eggs for nails. Whether it is deemed cool or not, I shall be wearing my nails like this, this Easter simply to make myself happy hehe.



I have raved about iZ before in my Halloween nail post. If you read that post you will know that they also create amazing and super affordable decals… I’m such a sucker for nail art and if I weren’t modelling or acting I would be playing around with nail art on a daily basis. It is with these pastel coloured Spring polishes that I created the above mini eggs nail look which is, in my opinion, beautiful. To create the look yourself you can shop the whole Spring collection here.


How out of this world beautiful are these colours from Kure Bazaar. They are the perfect nudey pink colours. The great thing about Kure nail varnishes is that they are 90% natural and full of Vitamin E which is pretty awesome for a type of product that is generally so chemical-ly. They last really well. I put 2 coats of the more pink polish on and it lasted a full 3 days without chipping before I took it off because of a photoshoot, it could well have lasted longer if I had had the chance to leave it on. Shop the Kure range here.


Mavala was one of the first “posh” nail varnishes I ever owned. I think my auntie had an old red one she didn’t use anymore and let me have it. Its small frame and gold lid which felt like gold to me made me so happy. Well these three pastel coloured Mavala’s make me equally as happy…they’re so pretty. I actually like that they come small. Apart from my Essie Ballet Slippers, I have never got through a full sized bottle of polish without it going a bit claggy. These three colours are perfect for Spring and the Easter holiday. Find Pink City, Barcelona and Long Island here.


I feel like I have talked about Leighton Denny nail varnish quite a lot. Well, I back with two new colours which are beautiful and perfect for Spring. They are from the new Havana Heat collection and are definitely my two favourite colours from the collection. I always choose pink. The bright one, called Fever Pink is perfect for beachy toe nails trotting about in the sand. The lighter colour reminds me of mermaids and unicorns and is called Mariposa Pearl and is rather dreamy.

Are you brave enough to paint your nails like mini eggs?



    • Megan
      April 9, 2018 / 9:58 pm

      Thank you. Hope you had a lovely Easter break xx

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