I try my hardest to be as healthy as possible without feeling deprived. The sugar free sweet treat options out there at the moment are incredible. There are so many brands creating new and exciting healthy treats which taste incredible. I do find that they all come at quite a price, especially when compared to a standard Mars or Galaxy bar which are cheap and often on sale or in an offer of 2 for 1. The great thing about the healthy sweet treats is that they are quite rich in taste and fill you up quicker so you honestly don’t need as much. I am here to show you my latest sugar free sweet treat favourites but check back here to my sweet treat faves from 2017 which are all still on my list.


I stumbled across these scrummy goodies in Whole Foods last week. I often make a trip to Whole Foods chocolate/sweets section to find out if there is anything new and I was so excited to find something I had never seen before. The price tag was a little hefty but expected in Whole Foods. They are actually a bit cheaper on their own website which you can find here. There are about four different flavours to choose from. I have only tried the mint one and I adored it!! It tastes a lot like the Panachocolate mint bar but has a wonderful chewy centre. Each cube of yumminess is enough to sate your sweet appetite but it’s hard to resist having another one.


My local health food shop had these bars at the counter and I was intrigued by the cool design but having already got a full basket of expensive goodies, I gave it a miss. Then, on my next visit there was a lady demonstrating them as such, with samples and after one taste I had to buy a couple of bars to take home.  You can buy the Kaakao strawberry bar here and the original bar here.


I have spoken about Livia’s Kitchen goodies before but they were much bigger balls of date/chocolate. These ones are a whole lot smaller and perfect to pop in your bag for an on the go pick me up. I actually prefer these small ones than the big ones, the ratio of filling to outside chocolate is perfect for me. The raw choc brownies are my favourites out of the three Nugglet’s flavours…seriously good. You can by Livia’s Kitchen raw choc brownies Nugglets here and the raw cookie dough ones here.


OK, so this isn’t exactly new to me or my readers but the bigger bars are new since my last sweet treats blog. You can see a full selection of the Ombar goodies on Ocado’s website here but Waitrose themselves have the larger bars which you can see here. I am most fond of the Coco Mylk bar but Waitrose are often sold out in store which is insanely upsetting.

Have you tried any of these before? Which are you most excited about?



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