It was all orange…hmmm…as I begin to write this post I realise that all of my most used products are orange! Wow, I honestly hadn’t meant for there to be a colour scheme to my post but hey-hoo how lovely 🙂 I am back from holiday now and 3.5 out of the 7 days were absolute scorchers. Seriously hot and with serious potential to burn both my skin and frazzle my hair. All of these products now smell like holiday to me and for those that still have a little bit of product left in them I shall have a little sniff on grey rainy English days.


Okay…starting with these two products from Vichy and Tropic. They are both fairly high in sun protection factor. I grew up desperate to get tanned and wore oils under 15 all the time. I look back on this appalled (I talk a bit more about this and show you some great SPF here). Oh, how times have changed. Liam and I both used this Vichy factor 30 everyday except the last 2 which were mostly rainy days and I wore factor 20 and 15. The scent of this is incredible, it will immediately transport you to sunnier climes. What I particularly loved about this product is that you can spray it all over yourself without really having to rub it in. Once I am on that sun bed I really can’t be bothered to do much never mind get my hands dirty by putting lotion on someones back hehe. I used the Tropic factor 50 sun balm on my bigger moles and on points around my bikini where normal lotion may get rubbed off. Be aware that as you are moving about your swimwear may well rub away at your lotion and remove it without you realising. This is why you may get a bit more burnt around those areas. I actually put too big of blob on one of my moles and when I got in the shower that evening I realised that there was a big white non-tanned area…it really does protect you. Oh, also, we both used it every day and barely made a dent in the product. It will definitely last long beyond its best before date so would be great for a family holiday.


I feel like I have talked about this Clarins factor 30 face cream for far too long now, so you may well be bored. Yet, if you are new, hi 🙂 My skin loves this face cream and my nose loves the scent. Since starting using this SPF about 8 years ago I have continually gone back to buy more each year and have never burnt my face or got spotty from it (this is a huge thing for me). The tube lasts longer than a year (used only on summer holidays and super sunny English weather days) but as sun protection on my face I feel I should buy new each year? Do you have an opinion on how often you should buy new SPF? This Revlon Equave sun protection hair product is dreamy in scent and lasts a very long time. I used this every other day (on days I was going to wash my hair. I covered my hair with a hat on the alternating days) and loved it. Liam even used it as a styling product some evenings. It is very light and doesn’t leave you feeling dirty but does give you a great texture. I had my hair dyed a week before I went on holiday so used this to help protect my hair from getting too much sun damaged. On one day where I had been doing roly polys in the pool (yes, I am actually 7) my hair was awfully knotted so I sprayed this in my hair and combed through to detangle it.

Are you planning on going on holiday? Which of these products are you most excited about?


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