Some of my more keen eyed readers may have noticed I have been absent on my blog for almost two months now. There are many reasons to this, not at all ominous but I wanted to share them with you. I was just going to share my latest ventures and updates through a couple of Instagram Stories but realised I actually wanted to explain myself and tell you some exciting news in a little more depth. I have been blogging (in the more business minded sense) for four years now. I have had many blog layouts. I have been a finalist for eight awards. I have won two awards. I have grown an amazing readership. I have loved every second but blogging has become such a saturated market and I wanted to work out a way to stand out from the ever growing crowd. This meant that I needed to take a step back and think about how and what I should do next.


I have long struggled with the fact that I have so many parts to my working life. I have agents for many aspects of that and I love that, yet I am constantly juggling between each of them. It is from this moment that I now only have an agent for acting and another for modelling. For the time being I am going to manage my blog myself. I have learnt along the way that although having management for your blog is at times wonderful, I have actually learnt how much to charge and know how to work as a freelancer so I can, for now, wing it myself. With regards to what work I actually do, it is still a rather extensive list and I freaking love that. I am never going to get bored that is for sure.

I am an actress
I am a model
I am a writer
I am a blogger
I am a content creator
I am a podcaster
I am a lecturer
As from today…
I am an ebook author!
I am a blogging judge!


My two latest ventures of writing an ebook and becoming a blogging judge are both things that I am incredibly proud of. I have been writing my ebook for the best part of a year now. I became a lecturer in blogging and social media last year and learnt a lot along the way.In the same way I struggle with the simplest of maths, I realised that what I found easy in the techie sense didn’t come easy to others. I receive numerous messages across my social platforms, especially in my Instagram DMs on how to do things on social media and although I can answer all of these questions, I struggle to take the time out and answer with the attention that it needs. I wrote down every question I have ever been asked by readers, followers and students alike and compiled it into an ebook full of all of the advice that you would need. I have kept the price super low and hope that you will learn everything that you want to learn in the book.
My other new venture is that of being a JUDGE!! Wahhh, I was so excited when the lovely Lauren of the UK Blog Awards asked me to be a judge of the Social Influencer category this year. I have won highly commended in both the Social Influencer and Fashion & Beauty categories over the last two years and am definitely ready to take a step in the other direction and help judge the awards. It has also come along at the most perfect time alongside my second year in lecturing in social media and releasing my first ebook in social media.


Readers of blogs are decreasing and that is widely known. The biggest audience for many bloggers lies on Instagram. Instagram is an amazing platform for immediate connection. It is easy to scroll through mindlessly and pretty much everyone has the app on their phones. I still believe there is a place is the world of social media for long form content and for that reason and the fact that I adore writing and creating blogs I am definitely sticking around. I will however stop beating myself up to produce 3 blogs minimum a week. There are just far too many platforms for me to create content for each and every day and I will not let my content sacrifice in its quality to create a higher quantity. I want you to click through to my latest blog posts because I can teach you, inspire you, put a smile on your face and help transport you to a happy place for the 3 or so minutes you spend perusing my content between tube stops. I will also be regularly updating my SHOP with only products which I have bought. As a reader of blogs I don’t particularly like it when bloggers just stick up products which they have never actually used or bought and seem to be trying to earn affiliate money. All items you find in my shop will have actually have been used by me. I also want to improve the quality of my photos after having so much information taught to me by Olympus. Although I want my photos to look gorgeous, I also want to include more behind the scenes/raw images as I have in this blog post where you gain more of a sense of what I have been up to and less “edited”. Let me know your thoughts on this.


I am going to be creating an equal amount of content across my social platforms and not treat any as more important that the other. With that in mind I am hoping that you will be able to find some form of me on your personal favourite social platform and not feel like you are missing out because I am only on a platform that you don’t particularly like using (oh, wow, I kind of sound a bit like I think you are obsessed with me pahaha, I know you’re not, but it would be great if you were haha). I am going to be producing more video content over on YouTube, I am still pinning away over on Pinterest as I always have since it’s launch because it is my favourite place to be and an amazing form of escapism. I am going to be here on my blog writing informative posts for you on all aspects of life. I will not be writing throw away tosh! I am going to be sharing the prettiest moments of my life over on Instagram. I will still be sharing less filtered moments on my Instagram Stories. I will also be writing short form content over on Twitter…mostly about my favourite TV shows. I will also be on Facebook, mostly sharing links to my latest blog posts, my latest Instagram photos and behind the scenes of acting and modelling jobs. Facebook is in fact probably my least used social platform and would love to know what you would like to see there if you do use it.


So, basically, even though I have been missing for almost two months I am actually still here but hopefully bigger and better than before. I have such a passion for this industry and want to stick around whether I have 1 follower or 1 million followers. I started blogging as a creative outlet and will keep it that way and hopefully you will enjoy it. Megan x



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