I have known the name Perricone MD for years and years. I’m pretty sure my mum had a health book floating around the house. Until last year however I thought it was just about supplements and knowledge books. Then I was invited to an event by their PR and I stumbled across this stunning make up. It was rememberable to me mostly by it’s name, ‘No Makeup’ and the gorgeous frosted glass bottles they were presented in. I have trialled all of the products for you and even filled a make up tutorial using the products on my You Tube channel, so you can see the products in use. Read on ahead to find out about the perfect make up for a pretty natural look.

This is not a sponsored post. I decided to create it once I was gifted some items.


I have been using the FOUNDATION for 3 weeks now and I love it. It hasn’t got a high coverage and is definitely best used in the day rather than on a night out. The colour their PR picked out for me was exactly my colour, I have never been colour matched so accurately! I have the Light colour shade which is their newest shade and the middle of their colour palette. The next product I tried was the BRONZER which I adored. You could use this as a bronzer or as a contouring liquid. It is a very wet liquid, that seems like a silly thing to say I know, but what I mean is it is quite runny and very easy to blend in. The CONCEALER however is a thicker and heavier liquid which does the job of concealing dark under-eyes, red patches and spots very well. I then used the BLUSHER and HIGHLIGHTER. Like the bronzer they are presented in an adorable little 10ml bottle but with a different application than the bronzers pipette. The blusher and highlighter have a little sponge brush on the end so you can dab a few dots in the desired areas before blending in. I would say that with the blusher you don’t need any more than 2 dots blotted on to your cheeks. The pigment is very strong. It also dries quite quickly so you want to dab and blend. The rosy cheeks you get from these couple of dots of product is beautiful and incredibly youthful.


A few other pieces I want to share with you are the LIPGLOSS, MASCARA and LIPSTICK. The lipstick is a pretty pinky rose colour which glides on like a lip balm. It is incredibly creamy and it reminds me of the Victoria’s Secret girls’ make up on the runway. The lipgloss is a more dark pinky colour and lasts a really long time, well, until your next sip of coffee anyway. The mascara is an everyday mascara that gives you a very natural blackened separated lash appearance with stiff plastic bristles.

Check out my video of live trying the products on my You Tube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe whilst you are there.
Have you tried Perricone MD before? What’s your favourite product?



  1. Betty Anthony
    July 10, 2019 / 11:27 pm

    Hello Megan my name is Betty I just want to ask if you have for black skin. Thanks a lot to hear you soon .

  2. Betty Anthony
    July 10, 2019 / 11:06 pm

    Hello Megan my name is Betty I just want to ask if you have for black skin. Thanks a lot to hear you soon

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