Buying gifts can be tricky. There are those people who have everything, those people you have only just started dating and those people that refuse to give you a wish list. Whoever you are buying for this year I have you covered over many post. Check out last weeks three posts on candles, crackers and make up. Today I have some more special one offs, Wednesday we have some incredible gift sets which are only available at Christmas and on Friday we have a whole ton of Christmas stocking and Secret Santa ideas. Then next week until Christmas I sharing with you festive baking and drinking, festive viewing and festive crafts. Read on ahead for some easy buys for everyone in your life.


Christmas can be a stressful time. Why not treat someone to one of these gift sets which are all geared around relaxation and pampering yourself. Espa have a luxurious gift set of goodies. Their Ultimate Sleep Collection is incredible. It comes with a blue silk eye mask to top it off. I am incredibly partial to an eye mask. Black out blinds just don’t quite work well enough for me so for a true sense of darkness I like to use an eye mask, this one is fabulous as it is dark, thick and soft on your eyes.
Moroccanoil have had such a buzz around their products for a few years now and until I got this gift set to try I had never actually tried it. I have now tried it and I get the hype! Your hair smells fab and is left feeling in amazing condition. I love the tin box that the Everlasting Style gift set it comes in as well, no naff and unnecessary plastic wrapping.  
Elemental Herbology create such wonderful scented products filled with essential oils making you feel as if you are being treated to a posh spa experience. I adore this Earth Balance Bathing Ritual gift set they have created… I am also rather chuffed with the images I took for it 😉 . The whole kit for a perfect bathing experience is there, the candle, the wooden scoop for your bag of salts and a body oil to smother yourself in before bed. If you are a regular reader here you will know I am a big fan of Ren. You will also know that I love their Rose products. It makes sense that I picked out this giftset filled with rose and called LOVE. Click on the word LOVE back there as it links to their site where they are currently selling it in the Black Friday sale for just £30 and you even get a free gift with it as well, so you can buy a gift for someone else and get a gift for yourself in the process…perfection.


This Percy & Reed Bountifully Bouncy gift set is an insane bargain. My mum and I both adore their products, I use their hair spray all the time and mum loves their hair perfume. This is a wonderful gift set for someone who travels a lot or who has never tried Percy & Reed products before and simply needs to be introduced to them. Korres have created an epic sized gift set box called Total Indulgence which has products within that are all over 80% natural. They smell fab too. Image Skincare have created a gift set called Festive Favourites which has a lovely handy pouch to place all your travel sized products in. The products will help your skin during and after the festive period along with a cleanser, serum and moisturiser.



I find buying for boys incredibly tricky. When I buy for girls, I mostly just buy something I like and hope they will like it too. A a girl, I get girls but for boys hmmm…trickier, right? These three gift sets I have here are great for boys, the hair styler is definitely unisex and the other two are more specifically for the boys. No Gunk have created this beautiful gift set filled with hair products and a face mask…yes, boys can face mask too!
American Crew have fantastic products. Liam uses their hair products a lot and says they are great and thinks their wax and forming cream works really well (sorry, I can’t give a personal opinion on the product for obvious reasons ;P). I also love that this gift set comes in a tin made like a money box, no plastic throwaway gift set here.
This is potentially one of my favourtie gift sets I have ever seen! Alfa Italia have produced a travel hair gift set ‘Viaggio’ which is what dreams are made of. This gorgeous black bag comes with a small and super lightweight hair straightener and hair dryer, with a defuser attachment and two hair clips. I think this is the bargain of the century. I have linked to a place you can buy it for just £38.30!!! BARGAIN.


Which is your favourite? Do you also struggle to buy for boys?



  1. laura Hinton
    December 5, 2018 / 10:48 am

    Beautiful content Megan!! X

    • Megan
      January 27, 2019 / 7:34 pm

      Yay, thank you so much for saying so. I’m so pleased you like it xxx

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