Hands up if you still get a stocking? Meeeee ;p . In fact, I get two, one from Father Christmas and one from my hubby. I actually love my stocking more than my presents under the tree. Yes, I freaking love those presents too and feel incredibly grateful for them but I love the surprises you get in a stocking. So many goodies and so much excitement. I have compiled an amazing list of stocking fillers which would also be wonderful for those Secret Santa gifting moments. I have items for kids, men and women. Let me know in the comments which is your favourite and what you will be putting on your Christmas list.


These soaps from The Bluebeards Revenge are so chunky and are going to last a long time even if the men in your life play rugby in the mud every day. I love the manly lumps of soap and wouldn’t even mind them being in my bathroom to use myself. I love the adorable bottles that Time Bomb have put in a little gift set. Their SOS range of bottles have the perfect selection of products for a complete facial reboot this Christmas. I am back with more products from Percy & Reed because I adore their products, they are so cute. I actually had a model casting with them back about 5 years ago and I think it was Percy who said to me that all the pretty illustrations of women and their flowing hair are based on his friends, I love that. My mum has actually already stolen this set from me, just minutes after I had photographed it! Feel Unique actually have this To Go gift set for 20% off at the moment and is an absolute bargain. Oh how I love Mavala. The adorable little bottles, the fact they last for ages and the lovely shaped brush. Here are a couple of Mavala Christmas gift sets which I am loving…also love the snowflake charm.
This Temple Spa bubble bath is already half used on the side of my bath. The bubbles it creates are fabulous and it is such a large bottle that it should last you a long time if you don’t over use it like me ;P. The scent is beautiful, very relaxing and spa-like.



My mum taught me to have bits and bobs stored up just in case you forgot to buy for someone, or if you didn’t buy enough or someone extra comes for dinner on Christmas day. So to be prepared I always like to have a little box with a few rather unisex gifts. Then if they don’t get used they become mine :).
I love these Free* SOUL Wake and Sleep Teas. They are beautifully packaged and are perfect for any herbal tea drinker. Teas for the morning and the evening. These Unicorn Tears have definitely made the press in the last year of so. I finally got my hands on some this year and I love them. They are essentially raspberry gin liqueur with sparkles inside. The perfect gift for any alcohol drinker. Socks, although often laughed at, are the perfect gift. I’m not sure that anyone ever doesn’t wear socks at some point. Why not gift them one of these two adorable ones from Mistral and Fat Face. I mentioned Buckley in my crackers gift guide last week and I am back with this gorgeous Christmas card they sell. The lovely card comes with a beautiful sparkly star necklace…my mum has already worn this to a party and had lots of compliments.



I love a tree ornament and there are now many beauty options to put on the tree as well. If you are a bit spenny you could buy your whole office a beauty tree gift and hang it on your office tree. If that idea is a bit too lavish then you could buy one of these adorable gifts for your bestie, for a stocking gift or just as a token of Christmas lovliness. This Espa Christmas bauble is simply divine. Look at its beautiful navy and bronze design. I am in love with it and I’m not sure I can face gifting it to anyone ;). This years REN Christmas gifts have been decorated by Kikki K and are looking totally adorable. This pink gem is their Moroccan Rose Otto luxurious hand balmLanolin have a tree gift which is an absolute steal at under £6 here, this lip product even has SPF30 which must all try and use. For the beauty obsessed and more grown up Caudalie have their fabulous Beauty Elixir in a tree gift packaging.



These goodies are amazing for the youthful bunch in your family. My teenage years were spent spritzing Impulse all over my body. I can’t remember the name of the one I used but it was a pale green skinny bottle and smelt incredible and super fresh. Impulse is now so different from when I was younger, the bottles and clear and bigger and the scents are far bolder and promoted in collaboration with mega-influencers. Check them out here. These products from ON! Juniper are all hand made by a, local to me, Surrey woman. I love the fact that I can share her products with you all. Make sure you head on over to check her out. Here is the cola lip balm and the beautifully packaged bath bomb. Every year I ask for a pretty calendar and diary. With the launch of the new Mary Poppins film I know this diary will be a hit.

Do you still have a stocking?


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