Welcome to another Mother’s Day. Welcome to a more Spring like time of the year. Tulips and daffodils everywhere. I love the opportunity to spoil my mum with goodies and have a day doing something she likes. We often go for a dog walk and eat cake after a lovely homemade brunch. Mother’s Day can be hard for those who have lost their grandma or mum but I always like to think that even on a rather commercial day it is worth treating yourself and your loved ones to something special. If you know someone who finds Mother’s Day hard then why not buy them a little prezzie or take them for a walk in the park and a coffee.


Even though we are in Spring, it is rainy season and very close to April showers that we all love to complain about. Rather than complaining, make the most of the excuse to have a cosy day in your home. There isn’t much I love more than having a cosy home day hanging out under the duvet or on the sofa. I love to light candles, stay in my PJs, eat biscuits and watch soppy romantic movies. Your clothes need to be comfy and cute at the same time. CYBER JAMMIES have an incredible array of pyjamas. You may even spy me on their website…take a look here. These Amelia PJs I have featured are light weight and perfect for Spring and they even have an eye mask in the same pattern (with a street lamp outside my bedroom window means this is a necessity for me) (Amelia eye mask). JUST SHEEPSKIN have the most divine snuggly slippers to pair with your PJs. My favourite ones are these Kensal Sheepskin Slippers suitable for any age. I love the bobble pom poms and immediately want to boomerang my feet with every step I take. Take a look at their site because they have loads of styles which all come in a wide variety of colours.


Did you know I adore stationary. I’m pretty sure I talk about it a lot on here and on my Instagram stories. I have loved stationary since I was a child. I have a shelf of notebooks just waiting to be filled with my next great idea. PAPIER have a lust worthy website which will spoil you with choices for notebooks, notecards, cards, invitations and even wedding stationary! Best of all you can even personalise your products!! I also want to note that everything feels like such good quality. Check out their collection of Notebooks here. The different prints are absolutely divine and you are sure to find a print that the recipient will love. I am so excited to own my own personalised Notecards. I feel like royalty sending off thank you’s on cards that have my name on them. What an amazing gift to give someone when they may not buy this for them self. Also check out their affordable and stunning Mother’s Day Cards. The card is such great quality with some dreamy prints that you will want to frame them and keep them forever.

Let me tell you all about this wonderful subscription box called WILDWOMAN. It is the best subscription box I have come across and there are many on the market, yet not quite like this one. The quality and generosity of this box is second to none. They kindly sent me a box for this gift guide and I was over the moon with the contents. You can purchase the Self care package box with a one off month to month, 3 month or 6 month subscription. This particular box has Anna of The Anna Edit‘s book which was an incredible surprise because it has been in my Amazon basket for a month and I kept meaning to purchase it. The amount of goodies in this box made me so happy, it is really thoughtfully put together and the complete self care package with so many parts to it.


I ADORE candles. Whenever someone asks me what I want for my birthday or for Christmas I tend to say candles. I know that buying candles can be fun for the buyer because they can choose the scent and the design. If you receive a candle that you don’t like the scent of I recommend making it a toilet candle 😉 . I have been a long time fan of ANYA HINDMARCH. I remember back in 2007 I believe my bestie and I woke up at 4am and my husband drove us to our local Sainsbury’s with the hope of buying her ‘I’m Not A Plastic Bag’ canvas bag to find that they had ALREADY sold because the amount of people in the queue. We were devastated. Hey, Anya, why not rerelease them I know they would do well again. Anyway, I digress from candles. If you haven’t already noticed Anya Hindmarch has some incredibly eye catching fun candles and diffusers including this sweet and addictive scented Lip Balm Candle that reminds me of my childhood and even adorned with a bubble cherry sticker!

Meet the most luxurious and grown upTunisian Mint Tea scented LUMIRA candle. This is going to be a candle glass that you are going to want to clean up and keep as a pencil pot. This candle should be burning in a grand living room an hour before your guests arrive for a dinner party. I love it and I know everyone else will too both men and women in fact.

This candle byMarshmallow soy candle MOR is going to last you a really long time. It smells beautiful and very feminine. I love the tassel adorned snuffer lid which is incredibly handy. The jar is like no other and would make a really great present for the Old School Hollywood women in your life..


I first got into the world of Ayurvedic philosophy a couple of years ago when I met Jasmine Hemsley and was gifted her book West By West. I have found a test to find out your Dosha here on Pukka Herbs website. Once you have found out what your dosha is you can then tailor your products to your bodies flow, thoughts and behaviour. Whether you are vata, pitta or kapha you can keep this is mind when deciding on the products to buy. Here are two fab brands creating beautiful Ayurvedic beauty products.
FUSHI (meaning eternal life) have lovely beauty products filled with recipes from the founders grandparents. Make sure you check out Fushi’s products here. There are many different beauty products but the ones I have featured here are from their ‘Face Care Range’.
SAMAYA have created these stunning products with divine packaging that you will want to keep. Samaya have created products that deliver great beauty results but are also designed to treat you to a sense of calm and tranquility. Check out the Samaya range here. I have featured a product from each range so you can see thir full beauty.



A lot of new mums may experience problems with red raw nipples and dry skin in many other places too. DR. LIPP has used 100% medical grade lanolin in their Nipple Balm. I feel like Dr. Lipp’s nipple balm has been around forever. I remember when I was younger and had probably barely hit puberty hearing about Nipple Balm and finding it so sordid and hilarious. I then realised that it is an incredible product that is actually multi-purpose and not solely for your nipples ?


I have always loved SANCTUARY since I was quite young. I would always go into Boots at Christmas and buy their affordable gift sets. This gift set called the Indulgence Box is £20 but everything normally retails at £41.50. Gift sets like this are a great gift as everyone washes so you know the recipient will love it and to buy a girl a set like this you are essentially buying someone a little break and “me-time”.

You can eat ISLAND CHOCOLATES guilt free because all of their chocolate is sustainable, fair and 100% traceable. They grow the cocoa themselves and turn it into chocolate at origin. The package I have photographed is The Whole Gang and what a beautiful present it would make for chocoholics like myself. I can safely say they taste fabulous, my fave is the cocoa and cocoa nibs.

Flowers are always a lovely present aren’t they. I feel like flowers make a house a home. My top tip would be to buy a lovely vase as well that you know suits the shape, size and colours of the flowers you have chosen. All the flowers in this blog post are from APPLEYARD LONDON who have kindly given everyone 20% off all bouquets at Appleyard London until the 31st December 2019!!!!!  Use the code MEGAN20 for your discount (Excludes delivery charges, add on gifts and subscriptions). Click through to here to see their Mother’s Day collection.

Which items are your favourite? What would you like to gift yourself? ?


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