We all wash regularly and the scent of the soap we use stays with us for hours afterwards. The body wash washes our whole body and it is important that it not only cleans us but also works well with our skin. I have tried many body washes over the year and although my go-to when I was younger was a much loved foaming body wash I have realised that there is more to offer in a luxury body wash filled with natural essential oils. These three body washes that I am currently in love with are all filled with essential oils. The products you use in the shower will circulate in the steam and if you leave your bathroom door open will fill your house with the gorgeous scent as well. Here are my three favourite luxe body washes.


I have been using Living Sea Therapy products for about a year now and I love it. The products look gorgeous, smell gorgeous and the whole ethos is also gorgeous. There’s a whole lot of gorgeous-ness there. Living Sea is the sister company of Cornish Sea Salt Co. which has been a staple in mine and my husbands kitchen cupboards for years and years now. This body wash has heady notes of grapefruit and eucalyptus essential oils which are two of my favourite scents so no wonder I love it. I also adore peppermint which I spy in the INCI listing and it is this which I feel real cleans me deeply. I have tried their salt scrub and body wash, next on my shopping list is their hand soap.


You have heard me go on and on about Ren for many years now, I even had a lovely collaboration with them for a giveaway of the Atlantic Kelp collection which you can see here. Since my last post where I talked about the whole collection they have made it so that the bottle is now made with ocean plastic. They are making such incredible waves in the recycling realm and leading the way head and shoulders above many other brands. If you too want to support the planet and help the clearing of ocean plastic then you should actively try and seek out brands like Ren who are cleaning up the ocean by recycling the waste and making use of it. Click through to here to read more about this product and purchase one for yourself.


This is the biggest bottle of body wash I have ever owned. I adore the pump function. When you have wet hands in the shower there is nothing more frustrating than trying to open a product but not being able to. I place my sponge underneath and pump directly on to it. My parents came to stay recently and my  bathroom is an apothecary filled with choices but my mum and dad both chose this Anne Semonin over everything else, my dad for the ease of the pump usage, my mum for the romantic essential oil scent. I will definitely get this again because it is huge, luxurious, smells fabs and works out as great value for the luxury and quantity.

Have you tried any of these body washes before? Which one are you most interested in? Oh, also please do let me know of any other lovely body washes that I should try x


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