I just happened to be fancying up my brows and picking between my favourite products when I thought I should really share them with you. I’m not one for HD brows, nor am I someone who totally ignores my brows. I’m somewhere in the middle ground with groomed naturalness taking my favour. I used to pluck my brows almost weekly when I was in my early 20s, although only the stray hairs under my brows arch. I didn’t play too much with the arch. Luckily I was never into brows when I was younger so never plucked them to teensy little lines and pencilling them on…phew. I did however have smaller brows than I do now. I barely pluck my brows at all now, just the absolute randoms that pop up and look silly (to me anyway, no one else can probably see them haha). I now have brows that I am pretty happy with, there is a very small patch which is more sparse than the rest but I just add a bit of colour there to fix it. My eyebrows are rather unruly though! If i don’t brush them or stick on a bit of brow gel they will look a little wild! Well, here are my top 5 eyebrow products which come highly recommended by yours truly.

Try out the handy little dots on the above picture where you can click directly through to the shopable link to buy the products.


Gels weren’t about when I was younger, well not as far as I knew. I was however a big fan of a clear brow mascara and used one all the time of my messy hairs. Tinted gels are an amazing product. They are really quick and easy to use and are pretty fool proof. Just brush it over your eyebrows and you’re done! My two faves are Milk Kush brow gel in ‘Dutch’. I went to the Milk make up launch at the beginning of the year and I am already a huge fan of many of their products, mostly this brow gel. You may be able to see in the picture that you can see a few stray brow hairs in the bristles of the brush, I use this a minimum of 5x a week, I absolutely love it.
Eyeko have long been a favourite make up brand of mine as you can see here I have blogged about them a lot!! This Eyeko Brow Gel is great and award winning so others think so too. It has quite a wet consistency and glides on really well. It’s a bit darker than the others that I have so I often use a dry/clean spoolie brush to take off the excess and style with.
Revitalash are an amazing brand at the top of their game. If you haven’t been let into the secret of this brand then let me welcome you. Firstly their eyelash serum is a serious game changer? Do your lashes fall out too soon? Are they not growing? Then buy their eyelash serum, seriously mine grew within weeks and I adore it! Revitalash‘s Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel is another amazing product and has all the brushes attached as well so it’s great for styling after you have brushed in the brow gel. The mineral formed gel helps condition your brows to stop brittleness and breakage as well as temporarily tinting them so bonus!


I am definitely quite comfortable with an eye brow pencil. A top tip would be to not get too dark of a pencil unless you are an absolute pro at doing your brows. If you go one shade lighter than your own brow you can draw in a few little faux-brows without being too obvious and then painting on a little bit of gel afterwards to smooth it all together. These two brow pencils are my absolute favourites. This Diego Dalla Palma pencil has been living in my make up drawer for about 4 years now and even though it is empty I can’t face to get rid of it. Not only is the creamy consistency of the pencil perfect it also has the perfect skinny styling brush at the end.
This Essence brow pencil is waterproof!!! All brow products should be waterproof right? Can you imagine being caught in the rain with your brows running down your face…ugh, no thank you! This pencil is only £2!!!!!!! I’m afraid I think you can only buy it in Wilkinson’s stores, I can’t find a link online. The pencil is wonderfully thin which makes drawing your faux-lashes on look far more natural.

Have you tried any of these? Are there any I should try next? Oh, also, what do you prefer, a pencil or gel brush?


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