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Wahhh… fourteen months after putting our gorgeous and rather large maisonette on the market we have finally sold and bought ourselves a HOUSE!! Oh my goodness, what a long process this has been. I personally blame a duff estate agent and Brexit haha. It’s a bit like every influencer and their mum blaming the Instagram algorithm for their failed engagement (yep, I am one of those complainers). Yet, I truly believe Brexit has been a major factor is our lack of sale for so blummin’ long. Anyhow…we have finally sold our property and are on to a new and exciting venture.
Have a little glimpse of our house here.


Selling, buying and moving is blummin’ stressful, like seriously stressful. I actually personally think I have handled it pretty well. With a whole ton of advice and notebooks filled with To-Do lists I think the whole process has been ok-ish. That being said I have almost given up on the whole selling and buying thing many many times! Liam and I have argued, I have cried on the phone to my mum and I have thought in depth about the amount of money I am spending on in the short run downsizing and moving into a house that needs a fair bit of work!! Yet, then I have these amazing giddy exciting days that I think, wow, my adult life is really about to start and I can finally move on from our gorgeous maisonette that we have been in for eleven years and mentally outgrown.


So, we live in a horribly expensive part of the UK and seriously lucked out on our current home of a super large maisonette with a garage and garden (super small one at that!). Yet, although this flat is absolutely gorgeous and almost immaculate (there is always something you can do to improve though) we live above a shop and amongst other shops (all good ones, no fast food chains or anything) and as we are now both in our 30s we have got grumpier and quite frankly want a bit of a quieter environment and want to be freeholders not leaseholders! When you are moving up to a house in this area but can’t take a humungous leap in price the houses are diddy!!!! Seriously DIDDY!!!! We have managed to find a nice semi-detached house which has a potential to be extended but currently the square footage is smaller than our flats so we are technically downsizing haha. The bathroom is bigger though so I can store all my kindly gifted beauty products. We have such amazing plans which once we earn a bit of money back after the move we will slowly do. Therefore, don’t expect a whole renovation blog/vlog within a month or so, it will be sporadically drip fed to your feed over many years, I am sure.


I am so excited for the home content that is to come. I am getting older (not old but you know what I mean) and my tastes are changing. I am growing up and although I still love writing about beauty and fashion and still will continue to do so I am now going to include a bit more home life inspo and development. I have loved home interiors and improvements my whole life. My mum often talks about how when I went to bed as a child they could hear my upstairs moving all the furniture around in my room and redecorating haha, well, now I can do it a little bit better and I have a big strong hubby to help me drag my dressing table to the other side of the room.
I will be sharing the long form content with a whole load of photos on here, a bit of IGTV behind the scenes on Instagram. The more nitty gritty details of our home life and some before and afters of our interiors will be featured over on mine and Liam’s joint Instagram account @wearehisandhers (we may even bring back our podcast when things settle down a bit). The biggest challenge and hope for me is that I will be creating some vlogging behind the scenes and typical YouTuber stuff like ‘Empty House Tours’ ‘How To Renovate On The Cheap’ etc. Subscribe to my YouTube channel over here.

Have you ever bought or sold? How excited are you to see our house? I can’t wait to share it with you all.


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  1. glenda taylor
    August 6, 2019 / 4:56 pm

    Well done my love – you did it xxxxx

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