A Note To The Smokers On The Beach

A Note To The Smokers On The Beach

Many of you may have smoked in your lifetime, whether it is socially or maybe you have an addiction. If this is the case I am sorry you have gained such an addiction not just selfishly but as a real worry for your health. Back in the Mad Men era, advertisements and nurses alike were indeed saying smoking was on a par with the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. I am sorry to burst your bubble but thirty years have now passed and we are no longer in the 80s. Smoking is bad for you and for a non smoker like myself I have to say it is antisocial and you are ruining my holiday! So here is a note to the smokers on the beach.

A Note To The Smokers On The Beach

I am writing this as I lay on a gorgeous secluded beach in Zakynthos. Barely ten soles lay on this beach taking in every molecule of the sun beaming down on us whilst my friends and family back home are drenched in rain. I am having a glorious time. I have only been here five days and I am already starting my third book…a result of zero internet or mobile phone service. There are six other sets of empty sun beds and parasols down this thin sandy beach yet a family of three smokers have decided to lay beside my husband and I, we must be delicious to them.

Laying down reading only the tenth page of my latest book which I am already hooked on and I chug on a plume of deadly cigarette smoke…moment ruined! What can I do? Tell them I’m allergic? Tell them I’m pregnant? (before you ask, no I am not pregnant). I can’t tell them to move or stop, it’s not illegal to smoke on a beach. Especially on holiday when people are smoking everywhere…no need to obey those four walls and a ceiling rules we have all heard of. What can I do but splutter, hide my face in a sarong, feel uncomfortable and believe I am going to die an early death of smoke inhalation.

I know that to smokers I sound absolutely ridiculous and rather annoying but my goodness eewwww!

Are there any non smoking beaches and restaurants and hotels that I can frequent?

Maybe in the interim between this frequently happening and the whole world realising we shouldn’t smoke…maybe could all of you current smokers please try and observe the wind direction and keep your smoke away from us non smokers. You paid a lot of money for that cigarette how about you stop being so generous with your smoke.


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