An interview with Keavy Lynch

An interview with Keavy Lynch


In 1998 a classic pop song was born and it will forever warm our hearts.

♫ “Some people say I look like me dad…” ♫
{C’est La Vie}

From then on B*Witched were known for their catchy lyrics and Double Denim.

I have had the privilege of knowing Keavy for almost ten years and can vouch for her being one the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
It is no surprise that she is now a trained counsellor sharing her caring side with many others.

Miss Lynch has amazing skin, legs to die for and a thick mane of hair. What is her secret?
I am dying to find out a little more and she has kindly agreed to share some tips with us all.



What should every woman try once in her life?
To put herself first. Women are natural givers and can often forget to think of themselves, especially in a family setting.

What is the best advice you have been given?
If you don’t look after yourself you can’t look after others. You matter too.

What elements do you believe make up a beautiful woman?
Good question!! Confidence, kindness and self care.

What book are you reading at the moment?
The Alchemist. If you haven’t read it, I would recommend it. I loved it and it inspired my spiritual side.

Before I go to bed, I…
Say what I am thankful for.

What is your ultimate stress reliever?
Going for a long walk with my precious dog Paris.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Home and Away.

What do you do to keep fit?
I walk everywhere I can, I love to jog and I have a workout I do at home with free weights and using my own body weight.

When you were in B*Witched did you do your own make up or have a make up artist?
We always had a make up artist. I remember the first time we met with our make up artist, the make up was quite heavy, which I didn’t like but it was all trial and error as we hadn’t worked together before. As soon as we communicated what we wanted he was amazing from then on.

Did growing up with a twin sister influence your fashion sense?
Good question, when we were younger we were dressed the same. When we were old enough we made a conscious effort to dress differently and establish some visible individuality.

Has your skincare routine changed since you were a teenager?
Yes, my skin wasn’t great when I was in my teens to late twenties and I tried so much to correct it. I can honestly say the one things that made most difference was starting to drink hot water and lemon every morning and I have found products that suit me.

What is your one go to beauty product that you couldn’t live without?
I called it my ‘magic’ mascara. I am allergic to the glue for false eye lashes and this is a great substitute when doing big shoots. I use Relian mascara, it has a gel base and then you brush on fibres, it is amazing!!



What are you up to at the moment?
I went back to college a few years ago to do a diploma and a degree and am now a qualified Humanistic Counsellor, I work in Private Practice. I love my work with my clients.
I am also the lead singer of my function band called ‘The Collection’



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