What’s In My Handbag {evening edition}

What’s In My Handbag {evening edition}

What’s in my bag : evening edition

I have always loved reading bloggers posts about what is in their bag.
I have been using my Mulberry Lily bag constantly and have had no trouble cramming it full of everything I need for a night out.
Here is a little insight to what I keep in my bag on a night out.

Mulberry Lily {black glossy goat with soft gold}
I have always adored my Chanel 2.55 but it seems everyone in the world now owns one (fake or otherways) and I am sure the same will happen with this bag.
I feel it looks as classic as the Chanel 2.55 but a little more individual. It fits a lot more in as well. I have only had this bag for a month but have used it constantly.

I seem to buy a Moleskine diary most years. I live out of my diary and it has taken me years and years to find the perfect one. My requirements are week view, slim to fit in any bag, stylish and enough space to write down all my casting details for each day. This diary fits all of my needs.

I have wanted a new purse for a really long time and this Mulberry French Tree {black glossy goat} purse is simply heavenly. It fits so many cards in and has space for coins and notes. The only downside is that the card slots are a little tight so when pulling out your credit card the cashier may have to wait a moment. I am sure it will ease up after a while…I have only had the purse for a couple of weeks.

Pink mini notepad:
You will always find a Moleskine notebook in my bag. you never know when your next great idea may spring up.

Chanel Intense Eye Pencil in NOIR.
My husband bought me this eye pencil for Christmas and I use it every day. I have been a Rimmel eye liner addict since I first started using make up and have never branched out until now. This eyeliner last a lot longer. I don’t need to sharpen it as much, probably because it has a much more intense colour than the Rimmel Jet Black kohl so you need less.

Clarins Joli Rouge 730 in PINK BLOSSOM.
My mum bought me this for Christmas (bit of a trend here…I only seem to try new products when people buy them for me 😛 )
I use this lipstick for castings when I need a natural look and for those evenings when you have a strong smokey eye and don’t want a full on lip with the strong eye look. It is a bit weird of me to say but it smells so scrummy…a bit like strawberry roses. Go on pop into Boots simply to give it a sniff.

Balm Balm Rose Geranium lip balm in a tube. Everyone knows I am a real Balm Balm addict. It is 100% organic and I have never had dry lips since using this product…whats not to love!
Balm Balm is one of those fabulous multi-purpose products. I always keep it in my bag and use it for my lips, hands and any flyaway hairs on nights out. Its dinky size is perfect for your evening bag.

Pink mini tweezerman.
This is the travel tweezerman in bright pink. I also have the larger ones that I keep at home but these small ones are perfect to keep in your handbag incase you spot any strays whilst you are out.

You can buy these standard hair clips from most shops but these ones from Superdrug have some sort of plastic safety bit on the underside. I adore these because they don’t get any hair tangled up in the clip and pull your hairs out. Also, they look super cute and schoolgirl retro.

I bought this pencil from Paperchase years and years ago. It is so small but perfect to keep in your smallest of handbags.

I love these Stabilo pens…simple.

If you saw blog post on Popband a few weeks ago you may already know why I love these hairbands.
They don’t leave a kink in your hair which is great for nights out when you just need to pull your hair out of your face but don’t want to ruin your freshly blow dried hair.

Oyster Card:
I would obviously have my Oyster card in my handbag but I do not currently have a nice case for it…can anyone suggest a pretty one?


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