Chestnuts Roasting…in a closed oven

Chestnuts Roasting…in a closed oven

♪ ♬ Chestnuts Roasting…in a closed oven ♬  ♪

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a gorgeous fire place at home.
Every Christmas I wish we could smash through the living room wall and reinstate our fireplace but we never get around to doing it.
Not only do I want a fireplace for the picture perfect Christmas but for the roasted chestnuts.
I adore the smell and taste of roasted chestnuts at Christmas time, especially when walking around Christmas fairs.

Here is the easiest way to cook roasted chestnuts in a home without a fireplace.

1. With a very sharp serrated knife slice a small line on the chestnuts.
We use a Victorinox tomato knife. I have a pink one and Liam the black one.
Everyone needs this knife in their kitchen…chopping tomatoes has never been so easy!

2. Place all the chestnuts in a roasting tray in the oven for 30 minutes at 200°c.

3. Now eat by the Christmas tree for the perfect eating environment.

These roasted chestnuts were cooked to perfection and were so easy to cook.
Best of all, there was no mess.
The chestnuts were chewy and very easy to peel.


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