A Models Exercise Regime

A Models Exercise Regime

As a model it is part of my job to train hard to make sure I am in good shape.
Luckily I have always been sporty and enjoyed basketball, gymnastics, running and ballet to name a few so working out doesn’t tend to be a chore for me.
As an adult with some responsibilities I find it increasingly difficult to prioritise exercise.
To make sure I work out regularly I often have to wake up very early.
Below I have also outlined what my typical week of exercise looks like.
“A Models Exercise Regime”
I go to my husbands bootcamp classes Elevate Sport.
If I can’t make a bootcamp class because of work commitments I will do a workout at home from one of Liam’s workout plans.
…no one knows yet but he has some exercise and nutrition ebooks coming out soon and I have been his guinea pig.

Below are some images from a recent sporty test shoot where I got to wear some of my newest sports attire.
You can see how I got on and what I got up to at my test shoot on my YouTube channel.
Photographer: Rob Wilkinson
MUA: Sarah Heap

{Sports Bra: H&M}

When I was younger I was obsessed with Adidas, often channeling my inner Sporty Spice, even when I wasn’t working out.
I was a bit of a tom boy in my football and basketball shirts.
These days I like to wear the prettiest of exercise clothes which in turn motivates me to workout more.
A lot of sports companies now have such beautiful clothing that it is quite nice to follow your exercise with a cheeky brunch without having to get changed.
Even the high street have got on board, with companies like H&M and Primark having some gorgeous affordable sports clothing.

{Pink Sports Vest: Primark}
{Running Leggings: Nike}
{Trainers: Nike}

Megan’s Typical Week Of Exercise
“A Models Exercise Regime”

Monday – 45 minute morning bootcamp & 1hr evening bootcamp
Tuesday – Speedy 4km run
Wednesday – Rest day
Thursday – Speedy 4km run
Friday – 45 minute bootcamp & 1hr gymnastics class
Saturday – Slow fat burning 7km run
Sunday – Rest day

I have had personal trainer and sports therapist Liam Grimley ( @elevatesport ) explain why each of these sports work so well as a combination.

Slow aerobic runs makes your body build fat burning cells to make you a better fat burner. You burn mostly burn fat when you run at this intensity.

Fast runs help you to deal with lactic acid better as a runner, durging these runs you produce a bit of lactic acid, but you are allowing your body to deal with it. You burn a bit more sugar than fat when you run at this intensity.

Anaerobic workouts like Bootcamp are great for your strength and muscle tone and allow you to work on specifics like your abs and arms, which running does only very slightly. You burn a lot of sugar at this intensity and very little fat.

Gymnastics is a mixture; there is a lot of powerful, toning work in your floor work and jumping and flipping. It’s also fab for your body control / postural strength and your flexibility.

After all of these workouts your metabolism is revved up so that you keep burning energy, mainly fat, for many hours afterwards.

{Sports Bra: H&M}

I hope you have enjoyed my fitness blog post.
What workouts do you do?


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  1. February 21, 2016 / 8:00 pm

    Loved this post! I’m always looking for new fun ways to workout. I also totally agree that pretty workout clothes is a great motivation! xx

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