London Fashion Week Social House

London Fashion Week Social House

My wonderful model booker Hannah, from MOT who unfortunately for me moved to another company a few years back invited me to an exciting London Fashion Week event last week. I thought I would tell you all about it because it was an absolute dream that I wish I would be on all year round. This event was actually a four floor house in the centre of London set up as a retreat especially models and bloggers. Presented by Meitu and Fashion Beauty Monitor I knew I was going to have a good time at the ‘London Fashion Week Social House’.

Floor One
Floor one was set up with a bar that served free drinks including watermelon juice, gin & tonic, Smart water, coffees and teas. Beside this was a spot for scrummy food by Vietvan. In the same room was a lounge of sofas, a table full of nut bars and a TV live streaming LFW.

London Fashion Week Social House - What A Watermelon - Megan Taylor

Floor Two
This room was full of selfie spots with walls that were beautifully decorated. There was also a large table where you could work from and charge your phones and laptops. At one end of the room were two nail technicians from Wah nails doing manicures for anyone that wanted them. I went for a nude nail because I had a job the next day. I love painting my nails but I am not a fan of filing my nails so it was quite a luxury to have them done for me that afternoon.

London Fashion Week Social House - Wah Nails - Megan Taylor

Floor Three
This floor was a large room full of white chairs set up for some fabulous talks, I wish I had been able to attend them all. I attended a talk on social media and social influencers and left feeling incredibly inspired.

London Fashion Week Social House - Megan Taylor

Floor Four
Floor four was a beauty room with hair being done by Revlon and make up by Nyx. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to hang about here being beautified but it looked like heaven and everyone was leaving looking Pinterest style braided. One girl I met had had an insanely awesome striking white eyeliner on her upper lid…I kind of want to replicate this asap!

London Fashion Week Social House - Megan Taylor

Overall this whole event and venue was a dream come true and I wish I had had the time to visit everyday. It would be really great if a place like this existed all year round. It is really helpful during fashion week where you need somewhere to spruce up your look and it is even better when there is someone there to do it for you. Also, you can head here in between shows to write up your latest fashion report. Most bloggers don’t have an office to work from and not many actually live in London so it is like having a little homely hub to hide away in.
…bring on next fashion week.

Thank you Meitu and Fashion Beauty Monitor.

I was invited to this event as a blogger but this is not a paid for advertorial. All opinions are very much my own. ♥

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