Only recently have you been able to download some Netflix shows to watch offline…and oh my goodness it is a wonderful add on. Every time I go on holiday I download films from iTunes or on 4OD or iPlayer to watch on the plane. I love making my plane journeys feel stress free and as luxurious as possible. In fact, last year I wrote a blog on ‘how to travel first class on an economy budget‘ which of course included having your own cinema. I used to rent and pay for films with iTunes but now Netflix has an abundance of movies for you to download and watch for free when you are offline. Unfortunately not every single production available on Netflix is free to download and watch offline but on this blog I have listed the best movies and TV shows that you should download in advance of your summer holiday. As always, you can click on each title for the trailers for the TV shows and movies.


Okja is a Netflix produced film and is as star studded as they come. Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano (I had my birthday breakfast next to him at Charlotte Street Hotel a few years ago…bit of useless info for you there hehe) star in this movie. I am yet to watch this film but I have had it on my list way before it was released. I know I am going to cry throughout so actually may wait to watch when I am not on a plane surrounded by confused passengers. The story follows a young girl and her best friend who is a creature/beast. The “badies” want to capture her friend and create more of this race to sell for food. As a vegetarian I now this film is going to really upset me yet I think it looks incredible…


Wow wow wowwwww…where do I start with this new Netflix TV show? It is filled with every ounce of Girl Power and I loved it. Liam and I watched the whole first season within a few days and both really enjoyed it. Each episode is only half an hour so it is a great binge worthy show. The story line is based on an out of work actress who heads along to an audition for a random new show called GLOW, which stands for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. It is completely random from start to finish but the cast are wonderful and you fall in love with them all straight away. Watch with an open mind and you will enjoy it.


Anyone who knows me, knows that Blake Lively is my biggest girl crush…can this girl do anything wrong? Her and Ryan Reynolds are absolute #COUPLEGOALS. I have downloaded this for my plane journey to Italy this week and am soooo super excited to watch this film. It has a bit of Benjamin Button-ness to the storyline. Times continue to move on but Adeline, played by Lively does not age. It is heartbreaking for her to see everyone around her age as she stays the same age and can’t move on with her life. It is sure to be a tear jerking, wonderful movie.


An insanely talented cast of actors, along with the director of Orange Is The New Black is bound to be an epic production. This movie follows a young girl who’s boyfriend steals all her money. She then goes to his parents house with a baby who she has technically kidnapped and gives the impression that it is her ex-boyfriends baby. Although full of deceit this movie is heartwarming and full of love…another tear-jerker I’m afraid hehe.


What is it with me and sad movie picks, I am ever so sorry! This movie is based on a true story and has Judi Dench as the leading lady. I am yet to watch this film but I know it will be incredible because well, the Dame can do no wrong in my books. The story follows a woman who is searching for her son, who was taken away from her when she was a teenager and was forced to live in a convent.


Last but definitely not least on my list of downloads is a heart warming feel good film. Ben Stiller and Amanda Seyfried play opposite each other as a younger and older couple who want to learn things from each other. Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts have been married for a while and enjoy spending time with a younger couple to relive their youth. A lovely film to watch on the plane to start your holiday off happily.

What are you currently loving on Netflix? Are there any downloadable shows you are loving?

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