Are you a bar of soap of vat of body wash kinda person? I have always preferred using a body wash. In fact growing up I was vaguely obsessed with the foaming Imperial Leather body wash, I literally couldn’t live without it. My absolute favourite fall back is always the mint body wash from Original Source, until recently when I tried out my current top 5 body washes, would refuse to use anything but and wouldn’t feel clean without it. Yet, you will notice that with my latest body wash faves I am going down a bit of an aromatherapy lusting. None of the products are 100% organic but are all pretty natural and definitely smell natural, unlike my old trusty faves as a teen.


You may remember I mentioned this particular Ren body wash product in my ‘5 Steps To A Perfect Bath’ post back in August? Well, here it is again, another bottle down after a lovely month of smelling fabulous! Logistically this bottle works really well for me. Not too much product dispenses out of the pumps with each push which is great as you don’t get through it too quickly, allowing you to savour each drop. I really love the scent, which to me, is most strong in geranium, which I adore! My top tip would be to keep your bathroom door open (if appropriate…) whilst having a hot shower, making the scent of your body wash disperse around your house.



If you are after a product from a brand that gives back then Soaper Duper is for you. Also, this body wash is a great price and huge! The products are all naturally derived and give back to charities Water Aid and Clean The World. As I write this and look for the link for you to be able to shop the product I realise there is also a hand soap with all the same scents as the body washes. I love this. If you love a scent all over your body then why wouldn’t you love to be able to wash your hands in the same scent many more times during the day.


I talked about my love for all thing aromatherapy in a recent blog on Aromatherapy Associates relaxing products, ‘Relax With Aromatherapy Associates’ but now I am here to talk about their body wash from their Revive range. Liam and I have both been loving this body wash. It’s not at all drying to the skin and is delicately scented with bergamot, grapefruit and neroli. The only negative is the lid is quite tricky to take on and off so we tend to just leave the lid off, which obviously wouldn’t be great for travelling. This is such a silly negative though and doesn’t detract from the great product itself. I would definitely get another once this one runs out.


This Rituals is a throwback to my obsession with Imperial Leather. I love how it foams up so hugely. Yet, when a product foams up it is an alarm bell to being full of nasties. No natural product can foam up. Yet, this foaming body wash is amazing for shaving your legs. The cherry blossom scent is girly and enticing. This product lasts a very long time because you need so little with each wash. Ooo and it’s on sale here right now if you want it.


Urban Veda is new to me but I found this product in a goodie bag from an event and I have been using it ever since. This is their soothing body wash which is filled with medley of lovely essential oils scents. The only problem I find with this product is that the formulation is very runny meaning that if you aren’t careful it comes trickling out at an alarming rate and you don’t need much for each wash. Even though this is the case, we actually store ours upside down resting in our shower caddy and pour it out delicately with each use. I do find the product to be very soothing and leaves my skin feeling soft.

Have you tried any of these brands? Which shower wash are you currently using?




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