There are some special people in your life that you want to show that you thought hard about their present. I have rounded up some fabulous gifts which are all affordable but are a bit pricier than a standard gift set from Superdrug for example. These gems of Christmas goodies include the most seductive items I have ever shared on here, the booziest bottles of goodness and I have even thrown in some diamonds and a very real life bottle shaped like a heart.


These two presents are luxury personified. Map Of The Heart White Heart v.7 is an intricately designed heart perfume bottle presented in a gorgeous black box with a fabric label. This is a display box which you won’t want to throw away. The scent is beautiful. Very feminine but grown up and timeless.
I recently spent a lovely evening at the Ivy Brasserie in Covent Garden (F.Y.I. I highly recommend going there. The staff were all really lovely and incredibly attentive, they always are across all of their locations.). I was invited for an evening of Champagne and making ginger bread house…I won ;P I was incredibly lucky to have been gifted some of my own Pandora jewellery in the form of this stunning necklace and earrings matching set. I have already worn it on numerous occasions. They are the perfect classic and timeless design. They are even on sale right now at an absolute bargainous £99 for the set!


I always feel like alcohol is quite an easy gift to give. You have probably been out for a drink with your friend that you are buying a present therefore it is easy to know what they like without having to ask. Liam and I have a rather epic booze cabinet in our house in the form a beautiful antique cupboard which I redecorated here. I have found three rather special alcohol gifts which are perfect for something a bit more special than a shop bought bottle of red. Bottle Bazaar have a wonderful service where they can personalise bottles of alcohol with your own designed labels. Everyone loves a touch of personalisation, I certainly do. I have shown you Gordon Castle in my Candle Edit but I am now here to show you their gin which is made with their own botanicals from their stunning walled garden. When I make it to Scotland I am 110% going to have to visit. Let me start the introduction to this next product as whisky isn’t just for men. I’m not sure if it is me getting older or the fact I tried neat whisky for the first time last year but I blulmmin’ love it. There are some which are too strong for me but some which are like a scrummy syrup. Summerton Club is a great company where you can join a club to receive bottles of whisky at an amazing price which you wouldn’t normally be able to get so cheap. This is a present for your parents or grandparents that would be the gift that keeps on giving.



Okay, so I don’t normally touch on anything so cheeky but the PR of So Devine and Bondara got in touch with a press release of Christmas gifts. I then spied the pink Halo which I naively thought was a stunning mascara…oh how wrong I was. At a rather boozy party I discussed with my husband, auntie, mum and cousin whether I should pop it in and the answer was a resounding yes haha. So here you go, for a cheeky gift to your partner, your bestie or even a secret santa Bondara Heart Nipple Tassels and
So Devine’s Halo are here for a rather discrete and compact naughty present. Liam and I actually gifted the heart nipple tassels to one of his best friends who thought they were amazing haha. Another stunning present for the woman in your life is this out of this world beautiful lingerie set from Fleur Of England (Boudoir Bra and Ouvert Briefs). Their lingerie has gorgeous lace which is incredibly soft on your skin and has beautiful finishing touches like silk covered buttons for the fastenings.

Which item would you most like to be given?


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