An interview with a stylist {Clare Frith}

An interview with a stylist {Clare Frith}


I am lucky enough and rather proud to call Clare my sort of cousin…you know the sort…aunty marries her man, her love…her man has a beautiful daughter (and son)…she is therefore my “cousin”. This said cousin is freaking awesome. Not only was she an amazing dancer…dancing on Top Of The Pops and for an insane amount of cool pop stars including Take That and Whitney Houston but she is now a talented stylist with a keen eye on fashion.

I remember back in 1999 I saw Clare at a family birthday party, looking as gorgeous as ever and wearing such a beautiful mint green dress with an oversized leather belt. She literally looked liked she had jumped out of the pages of Vogue. I just thought, “she’s cool!”, “I want to dress like that!”. To top off her coolness, she then goes on to say her look was identical to Chloe yet everything she was wearing came from the high street. Tesco’s in fact! I was in awe.

Flash forward to now and Clare is a successful stylist. I asked her a few fashion and stylist themed questions I was dying to know and I think you will all be interested too, so take a seat and have a read…



An interview with a stylist {Clare Frith}


1. How did you become a stylist?
I became a stylist by accident! I was a dancer doing mainly music videos and tours and a friend of a friend was a stylist looking for an assistant. I thought I’d give it a go and one thing led to another!

2. What advice would you give an up and coming stylist?
Assist assist assist! Its so important. You learn so much on the job.

3. What has been your most memorable job so far?
I’ve had lots of memorable jobs but not always for the right reasons!

4.Which celebrity would you most like to dress and why? 
Kate Bush! She’s always done her own thing.

5.What do you feel is the best source  of finding out what is in fashion?
Fashion is so accessible these days. You can watch all the shows on your computer. I love looking at what people in the street wear though. I think thats way more exciting.

6.Do you get to keep the clothes after a shoot?
hardly ever. It depends on the celebrity but mostly they go back to PR companies or the designers to be used on other shoots.

7. Any horror stories from a job that you can share?
Not that I can share!

8.How do you chose what looks best on a client?
I like to see what they are about. What type of things they like. I believe there is nothing worse than a someone looking “over styled”

9. How would you describe your personal style?
I try to look effortless! Its like a natural make up, sometimes it can be harder to pull off! I adore vintage

10. If you could have one celebrities wardrobe whose would it be?
Chloe Sevigny



11.What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?
This changes but i love my biker jacket as it works with everything

12.What fashion trend are you loving right now?
The seventies vibe! I have always adored this look

13.Which trend do you wish had never occurred?
none, I love looking back at old trends and thinking how bad they were but its great. Everyone should experiment!

14.What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were first starting out in styling?
How much backbreaking work goes into it- those shopping bags get very heavy!


If you need a stylist you get get in touch with Clare here:




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