Best Pizzerias In London…and Europe

Best Pizzerias In London…and Europe

Thin base, thick base, stuffed crust, sloppy, dry, meat, chilli…the choices for pizzas are endless but have you had a real Italian pizza?

I like to believe that my Italian heritage sort of allows me to judge what is the ‘perfect pizza’. With that said here is a little thought stream on my thoughts and my choice of London’s Best Pizzerias and a few in Europe that you must check out.

The original pizza started as a margherita to represent the Italian flag. Red (tomato), white (mozzarella) and the green (basil). I understand it is nice to add further ingredients to pizza from lesser restaurants but sweetcorn and pineapple…no! I have been know to add rocket and olives if I am somewhere where the pizza may not be quite so perfect. If you are eating a perfect traditional Napoli pizza you really do not need to add any ingredients, it is almost sacrilege.

Below are what I believe to be the best pizzerias in London…and Europe.



1. Santa Maria Pizzeria, Ealing
These pizzas have the perfect amount of wetness in the middle that you can rip off your chewy crust and dip it in the gooey goodness. Santa Maria import all their ingredients from Naples and have been known to close up shop when they run out of ingredients rather than buy substandard supermarket replacements.
If you live close enough they will even deliver your pizza through Deliveroo …unfortunately for me I am not within this boundary.
TOP TIP: There is a no reservations policy so you can always get a table when you turn up or if it is busy you can put your name and number on a list, pop to the pub next door and they call you when your table is ready.
Santa Buffalina is the pizza to order.

{Santa Maria, Ealing}


2. Pizza Pilgrims, Soho
Starting as a pizza van they quickly gained lots of adoring fans and soon opened up a restaurant in Soho. There are now three, one in Kingly Court, one in Dean Street and I hear there is also a rooftop restaurant in Peckham (I haven’t been to this one yet so can’t judge that one).
My favourite in the rainy months is the Dean Street restaurant (I often follow my meal here with a cocktail at Soho Hotel a few doors down. Get the Twisted Mojito). This restaurant feels perfectly Italian and wonderfully cosy. There is a friendly Italian family vibe of closer the better and no sense of personal space. Just embrace it and enjoy your delicious pizza. This restaurant has an atmosphere that feels as if you are actually in Italy.
In the summer months I prefer to eat at the Kingly court restaurant as you can sit outside. As a non-smoker I adore the fact that there is a strict no smoking policy within Kingly Court. I like to follow my pizza with a cocktail upstairs at The Rum Kitchen (I recommend the Zombie).
TOP TIP: Order an Aperol Spritz or three alongside your margherita pizza with buffalo mozzarella on top.

{Pizza Pilgrims, Soho}

3. L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, Baker Street
New to London is Da Michele, imported from Naples, Italy (it is in my Europe’s best pizzas list below). It only opened in October 2017 (I am here updating this blog post as it seems to be pretty popular. This spot used to be reserved for B Soho but they closed down). Liam and I popped by to L’Antica in Baker Street last week and loved it, it tasted exactly as it does in Naples and is just as big as they are served there. It’s safe to say this is the biggest pizza you are going to get in London. Don’t worry about getting a seat, Liam and I went at peak time on a Friday night and were immediately seated in prime position and received our pizzas in minutes. There are two floors and they accommodate big party bookings. I can’t wait to go back.



1. Pizzeria Trianon, Naples
The best pizza in the entire world!
Growing up and staying with relatives in Naples this was the first and only pizzeria my Italian relatives would take me to and I will never forget it. The pizza is to die for and the atmosphere is like no other. The constant Italian chiacchiericcio (chatting) is music to the ears. The pizza is so big that it spills over the edge of your plate.
Located beside the infamous Via Forcella (a rather scary street at night time) you are in the heart of Napoli and the restaurant is full of locals.
TOP TIP: Eat and drink like a local by ordering “una birra e un margherita” and they will treat you like family.

2. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michaele, Naples
Opposite Trianon this pizzeria is also incredible. Michaele and Trianon are renowned for being the best pizzerias in the world but my heart lies with Trianon. The pizzas are just as big as Trianon but they are not quite as juicy.
Both restaurants have a constant queue of people outside but you will never have to wait long because there is no waiting around once inside. You order straight away, eat 3 minutes later then pay the bill. No hanging about and not exactly a long romantic meal. Do not let this stop you. Save the romanticism for your gelato by the harbour.
TRIVIA: Julia Roberts filmed the Italian pizza scene in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ here.
TOP TIP: Same as at Trianon. Order a margherita and a beer and you will have a wonderful time.

3. Gatto Bianco, Lindos
Greece probably doesn’t immediately spring to mind when you think of pizza. This pizzeria is originally from Pozzuoli, S.Italy so naturally the pizzas are srummy. As a fussy eater I loved having a restaurant when on holiday in Lindos that I knew I would like the food. The pizzas had a wonderfully traditional chewy base with the perfect amount of traditional charcoal patches.
TOP TIP: Grab a seat on the rooftop terrace for pizza at dusk with fabulous views of the Acropolis.

{Gatto Bianco, Lindos}

You may be screaming that I have missed out a few. Please do let me know where I have missed.

All this pizza talk and I am salivating…I’m off for a long drive to Santa Maria Pizzeria.


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