5 Reasons To Love February

5 Reasons To Love February

Welcome to February.

A new month and the second chapter of 2016.

I am personally a huge fan of February as it is love month ?

Below I have listed many of my reason why February is so wonderful.

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Dry January is over
For a lot of us we started the new year with a vow of abstinence from alcohol. Minus a couple of cocktails for celebrations I have succeeded and feel tons better for it. In fact I had a sort of smug glow about me.
I have learnt from the month of clean living and would definitely like to keep it up 75% of the time.
Yet, this being said I did feel like a bit of a social recluse.
Now it is February, the month to celebrate love and I am ready to drink plenty of champagne and cocktails to celebrate.

The month of love
As I said above it is the month of love. Even if you aren’t in a relationship, I am sure there is someone on this planet that you can show your love for. Whether this is you mum, gran, cat or dog?
Try and show someone that you care about them this month.
Put a smile on as many peoples faces as possible. You can change someone’s day by simply telling them you like their shoes, hair, jacket, car, anything.

Gets darker later
We have seen the shortest day of the year and the clocks are changing next month. We are experiencing longer and longer daylight hours every day and it is wonderful.
Our exposure to vitamin D is higher and there is more chance for us to experience daylight after work.

Spring is in the air
Daffodils are popping up everywhere you look and the mornings are looking a little brighter. With the perfect musical soundtrack, waking up in the morning can almost be exciting. My favourite album to list to in the spring is ‘Soul Acoustic Soul…A Change Gonna Come‘ by India.Arie

Leap year
It just happens to be a leap year this year. Legend says that women can propose on a leap year.
I would personally prefer to be wooed and let the man go to town on the surprise romance but how does everyone else feel?




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