Netflix Weekend Picks {March 2016}

Netflix Weekend Picks {March 2016}

Back by popular demand I have compiled my second instalment of my Netflix Weekend Picks. A lovely friend of mine texted me this week asking when I was going to write another Netflix Pick. Then I realised my last Netflix post had a very high click rate, so I am not sure why I hadn’t thought to write another one. I will try and write a new one each month. My favourite pick would be the new Netflix produced show Love but I have also added a bonus show from iPlayer. Click on the below titles to see trailers for the shows and movies.

1. Love
Love is a new Netflix made show. The trailer sucked me in but then twenty minutes into the show I had no idea what I was watching and I was bored so turned it off. A week later and lots of celebrities tweeting about how fabulous the show is, I turned the show back on to give it another chance. By the middle of episode two I was hooked. The dry tone is catching and incredibly funny. We watched the whole series over a few days. Gillian Jacobs plays the lead female, Mickey who is at times infuriating and  but loveable at the same time. Claudia O’Doherty plays the hilarious and loveable best friend who you want to keep watching.
Give the show a bit of chance to get past the first episode which draws out setting the scene. The following 14 episodes go by in a flash and you will be left wanting more.

2. Suits
If you haven’t yet started watching Suits then put down everything you are doing and start watching now. I adore Suits and best of all the first three seasons are all there waiting for you to watch on Netflix. Randomly, Suits airs on Dave in the UK…pretty sure this is the only TV show I have ever watched on Dave. It normally seems to be airing reruns of Top Gear every second of the day.
Every character in Suits is incredible. Mike is the genius that becomes a lawyer without having ever been to law school and can remember everything and anything. Donna and Lewis Litt are the most hilarious characters of the show and Harvey Specter, well, he is God!
Go and watch and enjoy every second.

1. Wolf Of Wall Street
I know Wolf Of Wall Street is meant to portray greed and bad behaviour but I can’t help but be inspired by this movies. I love seeing how people work hard and succeed with such incredible monetary gain. Let’s just concentrate on how incredible Leo and Margot Robbie are as actors. LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie.

2. Walk Of Shame
We put this movie on during a lazy Saturday to have on in the background thinking it would be a bit of trashy rubbish yet ended up loving it. I laughed so much. Elizabeth Banks is always incredibly funny, oh and one of her best friends just happens to be Gillian Jacobs who is the lead in the show Love, mentioned above.

3. Chef
Written by Jon Favreau who directed Elf (my most favourite movie of all time) and is an incredible actor. Favreau plays the lead in this heartfelt and understated movie. Every actor is perfectly cast and adorably quirky. A must watch for the adults.

1. Thirteen
Thirteen is BBC3’s first major show since it has switched to online only and they have outdone themselves with brilliance. I tuned in for two reasons, number one being the trailer hooked me in immediately and number two because I adore Jodie Comer as actress. I first saw Comer in My Mad Fat Diary as Rae’s best friend and knew she was great back then but she takes her acting skills to another level in Thirteen. The show follows the story of a twenty six year old girl that has just escaped her capturer of thirteen years. Comer shows her vulnerability of her thirteen year old self when she was snatched and the fact that she has actually grown up a great deal since she was last living at home.
A gripping and heartbreaking must watch.

Have you got any suggestions for me to watch?

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  1. March 24, 2016 / 8:40 am

    Watched the movie Walk of Shame. It was the funniest movie I’ve watched in ages. Brilliant! Thanks Megan x

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