If you have been following me on Instagram and You Tube you may well know Liam and I are in the process of “trying” to sell our house. We live in a large maisonette but are desperate for our own space and to have a house. This has been a huge learning curve, there is so much to learn…but more on that in a future blog post. I am going to give you the 411 on how to buy a house. Yet, for now, we have just got to the stage of having photos of our place taken. This involved a full day of decluttering, tidying, cleaning and oh boy did it take a long time. It was worth it though and I am here to tell you why you too need to spring clean right now.


Once you start to declutter and move old boxes or look under the bed you will most likely be inundated with dust. I don’t mix well with dust, it makes me sneeze and itch for hours after so I have to be careful. We have a cleaner and still have dust in places that she can’t seem to find. It is good to keep on top of this for your cleanliness and general healthy wellbeing. I am a bit of a delicate soul and was finding that I was getting a bit sensitive in my nasal area when going to bed, so we pulled it away from the wall and found a super thick dust layer along the skirting board…we are clean people I promise 😉 Even in our bathroom we found dust on our top shelves pilling up on beauty products which I am still planning on testing. Everything feels so much fresher now and I am aiming to not leave anything unattended for so long next time.


One of the many wonderful things about Spring cleaning anytime of the year is finding long lost goodies. Last weekend I found a lot of jewellery behind my chest of drawers and beauty products lost behind taller bottles. It was like everything was new all over again. Recently we even recovered my Santa Clause the movie DVD in an old DVD player that we were going to throw away…thank goodness that wasn’t thrown away (it’s one of my faves ssh).


I’m not sure about you but whenever I have had a clear up/decluttering session my creativity blossoms. I think it is because of two reasons, the first being that my working space is so much tidier and there’s less to distract me. Secondly, when I am tidying I come across things that trigger memories or inspire me in some way or another.


Especially as a blogger I store and hoard a whole lot of stuff. I can’t physically use it all, so after a trial period I should really decide whether or not to keep it but I have a serious case of attachment issues and struggle to let go. Therefore I often keep most of it for myself hehe. Over the weekend we had to have a big clear out before our estate agent house photos and this meant I really had to declutter. I found old products which I adored and products which I was never going to use so I made piles of giveaway/charity/keep and my shelves are now thanking me for it. You can see everything and therefore I am more likely to use them. Go ahead and declutter to actually make use of what you own.


I remember reading some Cosmopolitan supplement about Feng Shui way back when I was a teenager which really stuck in my head. Apparently you need to have a clear under bed to attract a good love life. So, if you’re single, maybe you need to clear out the clutter from under your bed? Hmm… maybe a bit of a peculiar and suspicious one but worth a try 😉

Have you began to Spring clean? Does it make you feel better?



  1. Rebecca
    April 18, 2018 / 5:02 pm

    Great ideas – We had already starting due to our upcoming move but got some good suggestions not thought of! Inspiring read! X

    • Megan
      April 23, 2018 / 6:54 pm

      Yay, I am so pleased you liked my post. Thank you so much. Good luck with your move, so exciting xx

    • Megan
      April 23, 2018 / 6:55 pm

      Yay, so happy to inspire xx

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