Easter Present Ideas

Easter Present Ideas

Easter is in a matter of days and wether or not you are not religious or are far too healthy to gorge on chocolate I have devised a list of Easter Present Ideas for you to treat yourself or loved ones.

Skinny Dip Bunny Case
I have always loved Skinny Dip cases and this one is no exception. Complete with pom pom bunny tails, everyone will want to play with your phone.
Minna Parikka Bunny Trainer
I adore these trainers and wish it could be Easter everyday so I could justify buying these…anyone fancy gifting them to me 😛
Accessorize Chick Socks
How about celebrating Easter a bit more quietly with Easter chick socks? Everyone loves a novelty sock.
Moschino Bunny Phone Case
I have owned this case for a few years and still use it every Easter. The little bunny’s face peeks over your screen to see what you are doing on your phone. Click on the link for a super cheap one on eBay.

Giant Lindt Bunny
Everyone must have a giant Lindt bunny at least once in their life. Pure indulgence at a cost of a Kagillion pounds in body weight. My mum once bought it for our family to share. It is up to you weather your forfeight the excessive callories for fighting with your family over who gets the thick chocolate ears.
Harrods Artisan Egg
For your chocolate snob friends, this egg is the perfect present. Complete with Gianduja Chocolate within the egg and paint spattered shell it is a piece of art.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg
Every year I ask for a Cadbury’s egg. I don’t care what it comes with, I just want the egg. The taste of a Cadburys egg is like no other. It tastes like Easter to me.
Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Egg
I have so much love for Hotel Chocolat and this egg is Extra Thick. Perfect for all greedy chocolate fans.

Happy Easter Holidays


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  1. March 24, 2016 / 9:55 am

    So many cute things here! Absolutely love the bunny shoes <3

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