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Do you ever go out shopping with every intention of buying some clothes to update your wardrobe but come home with nothing? I feel like the whole of the last season was like that for me. Yet it is now Spring and I am loving the new seasons trends. A couple of weeks I ago I popped into Topshop’s flagship store and had to hold myself back from spending too much. Read ahead to find out what I bought in my Topshop haul.



Flamingos are hot right now and this shirt is making me swoon. I originally saw this shirt on Topshop’s website but I struggled to find it in store. Unless you have access to Topshop’s flagship store I would recommend you buy it online because I believe it is a flagship store special.
TOPSHOP HAUL | Megan Taylor


Frills aren’t for everyone, in fact my 19 year old cousins recently asked me why I bought anything with frills. I understand their point, frills can be far too much sometimes. Yet, after seeing this top they decided they didn’t actually mind frills quite as much as they thought, mostly because the ones on this top are so dainty. I love how the frills on this simple jersey top can jazz up an outfit so easily.
TOPSHOP HAUL | Megan Taylor


The day after I bought this adorable bee blouse, Liam and I rescued a huge bumblebee which was looking lacklustre in our garden. We fed it a sugar water solution and dug out a small covered hole in our olive tree pot for him to rest in. After two days he climbed up the tree and happily took off, never to be seen again. Anyway…after my long story I have to say this is the perfect transitional Spring time blouse because it can be dressed up or down and is made of a lovely soft and light weight material.
TOPSHOP HAUL | Megan Taylor


This jumper is one of my favourite new buys because of its detailing. It reminds me of a high fashion shirt/jumper that I have seen at Victoria Beckham. The soft warm navy jumper has long feature shirt cuffs and hem attached the jumper. The cuffs are ridiculously long which gives it its high fashion edge. I wear the jumper with a small T-Shirt or strappy top underneath for a perfect Spring time temperature.
TOPSHOP HAUL | Megan Taylor


I have always loved pink so as soon as I saw this jumper my eyes fixated on it and I rushed over.  I love to stick on a track suit as soon as I enter my house after a long days work and this perky pink oversized jumper is my new favourite go to. There are French words scrawled tastefully over the back and front making it stand out from the average track-suit jumper.
TOPSHOP HAUL | Megan Taylor



Have you bought anything exciting in Topshop lately?



  1. Liam Grimley
    March 13, 2017 / 4:29 pm

    Another superb post Megan x

    • Megan
      April 21, 2017 / 11:47 am

      Thank you Liam xx

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